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 As we all know, we are now live in a very modern world. Sophisticated technologies such as smartphones, computers, and laptops are considered common things among the people. All of the people will use smartphones, computers, or laptop to do all of their activities.

 For example, to do some paper works, reports, school assignments, entertainment, even for some daily activities. With the existence of the latest technologies, all of the people start to save all of their files inside the smartphone, computer, or laptop. There is a major risk, though. When you decide to save all of your files inside your smartphone, you will have a higher chance of losing them. Whether it is accidentally or not. Unlike the computer and laptop, a smartphone does not have a Recycle Bin. Therefore, you cannot easily restore your file. The solution? You can use data recovery software to help you restore your files. iSkysoft Toolbox will help you restore the lost files in your phone.

Transferring the Data from the Phone to Computer

One of the ways to save your files is by transferring your files from your phone to computer. However, there will be a chance where you will accidentally delete your files in the middle of transferring. In order to make sure that your data transferring is safe, you can use data recovery software to help you. The iSkysoft software toolbox will help you in transferring your files in batches and in a quick way. Not only that but this software can also support the iPhone and Android system and it also supports many kinds of format files.

Backup and Restore the Data 

iSkysoft data recovery software is not only can be used for computers and laptops. For your information, this software can also be used for smartphones. As we all know, restoring the data in our phone can be so much a hassle. There are so many things to do and it will be confusing. To help you with backup-ing and restoring the data from your phone, you can use this iSkysoft software. From contacts to applications, you can restore all of the data only in one click. The software will also give you a preview first to make the restoring easier.

Recovering Data in Your Phone

Nowadays, smartphones are considered as a tool to save all of our files. The reason is that smartphones are more practical than the computer or laptop. It is not a surprising thing if most of the people start to look for a very sophisticated smartphone. However, the chance of losing important files is as high as the computer or laptop. Worse, our smartphones are not like a computer. They do not have a Recycle Bin. To help you recover your data, you can use iSkysoft data recovery software. 

Erasing the Data in Your Phone

It is not a surprising thing that most of the people are often changing smartphones. When you want to change your smartphone, you have to erase your important data. The reason why you need to erase your data is that so the next people who will own the phone will not misuse your phone and data. This iSkysoft data recovery toolbox will help you in erasing your information completely. After your information has completely gone, your phone will be safe to be handled by another person.

Repairing Your Smartphone

Accidents can happen wherever and whenever including the time when you repair your smartphone. Because some of the people tend to ignore little details, some of their files or data will be gone in a swift without realizing it. If this accident somehow occurs to you, do not panic. You can get the help from the iSkysoft data recovery toolbox. Not only it can help you restore all of your files and data, but this software can also help you in repairing your smartphones without making any harm to your files.

Restoring the Data in Your Social App

Do you know that when you change your smartphone, it will also affect the data in your social media? Usually, when people change their phone, all of the chats in the social media are gone or deleted. It can be very annoying if there are important chats from work. In order to recover data from computer and any storage device, you can use this iSkysoft software.

From the information above, we can draw the conclusion that in order to recover data from computer and any storage device, you can use the iSkysoft Data Recovery. Another benefit which you can get is that this software can be used in many devices.

Summary: iSkysoft is a kind of data recovery software. This article informs the reader about the feature of the toolbox.
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