Top Social Media Marketing Tricks

 Social media is like a UV radiation which slowly crept into our world and then took over our whole empire leaving us exposed. Social media is the best strategy of marketing and now used by 9 out of 10 people in the world. There are tons of benefits of social media marketing, of which a couple is listed below:


  • It increases the product or brand familiarity which could also be in our daily use.
  • Have an increased audience.
  • Build bridges with your audience.
  • Heightened social media pages and websites traffic.
  • Get more clients which can also be recurring.
  • Hence, more money in your wallet.

Let’s discover Social Media Marketing Strategies

1. Know what you want
Having a clear mind about what you want to achieve like what ratings you want to reach in the month? How many likes do you want to score till the next year? What steps you are going to take to get them done? These are the imperative solid homework you need to get done with. When you have set your marketing strategy into a piece of paper and marked down your goals, you are 30% likely to be more successful in achieving them.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience

How your targeted audience thinks and desires is something one must have an idea of. You should value your clients; know about their needs associated with your products or services. You should do research work and get to know your clients better. The best way to get this done is to engage with your audience on social media platforms and groups. Reply to their comments and ask for feedback. Keep an open mind when it comes to negative feedback. Reach out to people through other’s blogs of the same product or audience. This way you are better prepared to face what is ahead.

3. Create the best most unique content out there

Unique, plagiarism free and original content is the key to success. This content can be for your website or a blog. Furthermore, social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are the best platforms to target the highest number of audience and gain more clients. Below are the examples which you can follow;
  • LinkedIn: It is a professional platform for outreach to prospective clients and makes connections with people of different educational and work backgrounds. So you can definitely use a B2B strategy to do business here.
  • Facebook: Through Facebook, you can connect with just anyone. As pretty much everyone has a facebook account. Facebook groups can be joined to engage with your audience and you can also create your business page for people to like, stay updated, participate in events and much more. Facebook ads are also quite a significant source to spread awareness about your brand to the exact location of people you want to target.
  • Instagram: Instagram is gaining popularity day by day and has made quite a lot of businesses and individuals successful. You need engaging pictures and images which can help generate more clients. You have to be quite visual here, so short videos also do quite good here. Jonathon Spire is an influential blogger who has given quite a lot of tricks to get in the game. 
  • YouTube: This is a video based platform where people make videos on different subjects and have their own channels. You can have a channel of your own brand showcasing unique videos spreading awareness, exposing entertainment and attracting millions of viewers. You can get really popular here! Quantum Marketer is an absolutely awesome site which can help you navigate traffic to your YouTube channel.

4. Old is Gold! No more.

The old strategies of marketing are quite boring and are made for clients to be sold out to. People are now more aware and there is quite a lot of competition. Hence you need to build real relationships with clients to have them coming back to you. You must give them value! This is the secret ingredient of the recipe of marketing.
5. Graphics can make a huge difference

When marketing out a product one must remember to give importance to the graphics. These include the videos and images you create to showcase your brand. These should mind-blowing images of the perfect size. They must have the message in the most convincing and eye-catching manner. If you outsource these, that money will not go to waste and for a few dimes, there is a possibility to earn a few dozens of them.
6. Last but not the least, lay down a foundation

You need the right platforms, right sales tactics, right material and the right tools to dominate the social media industry. Make a strong strategy which will last for quite a while but do not be hesitant to make changes in them from time to time as per what is the latest in the market these days? Strengthen your feet on the social media groundwork and make yourself visible.


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