What can US parents learn from parents in other countries

 It takes a village to raise a child, so goes the African saying. What this saying means is that a child is a product of the community from which they grow up. Hence, every person in the community treats every child from that community as if they were their own. 

 Children grow up to respect every adult in the community in the same way they respect their own parents. These are the kind of lessons that parents in the United States can learn from parents in other countries. 

While it is not always possible for a whole community to assist in raising every child, technology has made this possible. You can create a website for kids and use the art of storytelling to teach kids important values. 

Below are some of the most interesting lessons that parents in the US can learn from parents in other parts of the world.

Discipline the Japanese way

Ask anyone who has been to Japan and they will tell you how well disciplined the children in that country are. It’s easy to end up with the misconception that the kids in Japan are born with self-discipline. In public, they don’t scream and irritate everybody around them. What’s the secret that US parents can learn from this?
Japanese parents have a tendency not to discipline their children in public. When a child starts to misbehave, they pull him or her aside and reprimand them in private. When this is done properly, the pride of the child and the parent is kept intact. This encourages the child to be at their best behavior so they do not embarrass themselves or their parents.

Learning gratitude in Africa

While basic necessities like food, shelter, and water may be available to almost every child in the US, the situation is different in Africa. This is a situation that teaches parents in this continent to instill in their children the art of gratitude.

Children in communities where things do not come so easily learn to appreciate the value of even the smallest things. Children in such communities help their parents to make life better for all. However, there doesn't need to be poverty for US children to learn to be grateful for the things they have; parents just need to take a leaf from the book of African parents and make their children conscious of the fact that it takes effort to get anything in life; no matter how small.

Getting to know a family in China

While parents in the US resort to search engines when they want to find a baby sitter, in China, they depend on their own parents. If you were brought up properly, then you can know that your children will also be brought up properly if they are taken care of by their own grandparents.
Apart from knowing that the kids are safe, you also know that they are getting to know other family members b?tter. This is also an advantage for the grandparents who also get to feel that they are doing something worthwhile even in their later years of life. 

Cherishing meal opportunities in France 

In France, parents teach children to cherish meal times. They do this by ensuring that this is a time when the atmosphere is relaxed and children eat what they like. Unlike many US families, they don't rush through meals and force children to eat certain foods. This ensures that meals times are times everyone looks forward to every day. This also gives everybody a chance to share their stories for the day, so every lunch or dinner turns to an opportunity to know more about your kids: what they dream about and what they like.

While it is important to teach your kids to be proud of being American and know their culture, you can also take some practices from other countries as well. Whatever makes the family bond stronger and your children happier and more successful in their lives should not be neglected. After all, we all want our kids to be happy, and the most important what we can give them is our love and care.
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