Right from 2010 when Instagram made its first appearance in the technology market, it has enjoyed a good rate of acceptance all thanks to the data and traffic already generated by Facebook. Its arrival coupled with the latest technology of phones with HD Cameras gave photography a new meaning. 

What is Instagram?

It is a social media or networking app which was tailor-made for sharing of photos and videos most especially from smartphones. This app came with similar features obtainable in Twitter and Facebook which allows you to have a news feed where you can view activities from your community of followers. Instagram gives you the chance to post videos and photos and have them displayed on your profile. 

The high compatibility of Instagram with iOS and Android made it the perfect way to share photos from your smartphones and also post videos online with a higher click-back rate unlike what is obtainable in some online video sharing communities.
This application does not just allow you to post some content in the form of videos and pictures; it also comes with a provision which allows you to interact with other users on the same platform.
Why should I Use Instagram?
Instagram is a growing community of professionals who leverage the vast growing audience to either attract the right customers or advertise their products and services. At the time of writing this article, there are about 700 million people on Instagram according to Gramlike which is equivalent to 10% of the world population. Some of the other reasons why you need to use Instagram are listed below;
i It is very easy to use:
Contrary to what is obtainable in some photo and video-based social media sites, the graphic user interface on Instagram is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Getting follower is easy and the creation of posts does not follow so many processes. It allows you to customize your profile by adding a short website link, bio, and a photo.
ii Business purposes such as adverts:
Instagram is a wonderful advertisement tool for business firms and individuals who are ready to tap into the vast opportunities of media content in attracting prospective clients and customers. It also gives you a chance to interact with these individuals in order to know what they want and how to solve the challenge. 
iii A community of people:
One of the main reasons behind the creation of any type of social media is to connect people. This connection allows you to interact with people from different race and background. 
iv Learning and creativity
Instagram can be a vital tool in learning because it gives you the opportunity to interact with other individuals who are professionals in your field to get the needed information on how to move your business forward.  
v Entertainment: 
Instagram serves as one of the perfect means of entertainment while on the go. The short video clips and images can serve as a good source of entertainment for you. 
There are several benefits attached to using Instagram. Create an account and you will be glad you did.
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