Why Choose SSD Webhosting for WordPress Sites

In this article, we are going to see the differences between Solid State Drives and Hard Disk Drives in web hosting for businesses, and why SSD hosting is the best WordPress hosting specification.

Your business website may be created to promote your products, such as an ecommerce site does. Or it may be created to advertise your services, such as a solicitor website does. Either way, it is most likely that your website will be built in WordPress. This is the most popular content management system and easy for web developers to find a template for practically every business imaginable.


Optimising your website

Once finished, you will be looking for a reputable hosting provider. A small business website will most likely be hosted in a shared hosting server together with other websites. If the server contains software that facilitates only the hosting of WordPress sites then you have a WordPress hosting server. These servers are optimised to run websites made in WordPress and there are often more reliable than servers that host any kind website.

There are many companies that offer hosting plans specifically for WordPress sites. A lot of them will try to get your business by offering you attractive deals and voucher codes. A lot of hosting plans, however, are cheap because they operate on Hard Disk Drives. You can take the optimisation of your website a step further by ensuring that your server has a Solid State Drive. In that case, you have the most reliable WordPress Hosting possible.
What is SSD Hosting?
There are two primary types of hard disks that hosting providers use. The first type, the traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD), uses a spinning magnetic disk to store data. Think of it kind of like a CD or record player. In order to retrieve or write data, the drive has to physically spin the disk to the correct spot. This limits read and write speeds pretty severely.
Solid State Drives (or SSDs) use a different type of storage. There are no moving parts, so data from any part of the drive can be accessed very quickly. A similar technology is used in your phone and other portable storage devices so you can read and write data on the go.
SSD hosting makes use of these advanced solid state drives instead of hard disks. All of your data will be stored on SSDs, not spinning disk drives.
Why choose SSD hosting?
For many web developers, SSD hosting is the best hosting for WordPress sites because it offers three primary advantages:
Speed. SSDs can read and write data more than 20 times as fast as HDDs. This helps your website load pages faster, which is crucial to any competitive site. Faster page loads increase your Google rankings, help with visitor retention, and can even prevent lost sales on eCommerce sites.
Reliability. Modern SSDs are far more reliable. Not only do they fail less often than hard disks, they fail in a safe and predictable way. When an SSD fails, you can still read data off of it! This means that your website's data is extra safe when it's stored on an SSD. Also, security software rans faster on SSD servers.
If you are in charge of your website in your business or have a private blog, and you are looking for a reputable hosting service for WordPress sites, you may want to ensure from the outset that you pick a plan that includes an SSD server. Not only are you making your site, faster and more user-friendly, you are also optimising your site for the search engines.
In this page you will get a list of the industry’s best web hosting solutions for WordPress sites.


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