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"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing."

Mother Teresa

7 Of The Worst Things You Can Do During Online Dating

It is true that women love a stable guy. However, lying about it will cause you more trouble than it is worth down the line. Be honest from the start. You would be surprised how many people out there are willing to look past the net worth.

Sustaining Long-Distance Relationships with Latina Women

 After months or even years of searching, you have finally found your Latina Ms. Right and boy is she perfect. However, the distance is taking its toll on the both of you with the conflicting time zones, lack of physical contact and many other challenges. Do you give up after all the effort you put it? Or do you turn your life into a soap opera and fight to the death (not literally) for your love?

How to Make an Open Relationship Work

 If you are willing to live with the challenges involved, it can be a very exciting and fulfilling experience. However, like any other types of relationships, an open one requires a lot of hard work. Below are eight ways to ensure that yours not only survives but thrives against all the odds. 

How To Choose The Right Women's Silk Nightwear In UK

Women’s nightwear that you can purchase in United Kingdom ismade out ofmany various fabrics. Out of them, silk nightwear has received a lot of attention.

5 Tips for Your First Date

First date is the most important date. But you probably already know it. What you might not know is how make a perfect first date. In order for your first date to be successful you need to act smartly. The key to success is in careful, thorough, and attentive preparation. Be ready in advance and you will guarantee your own success.

Toxic Relationships: Signs of a Bad Relationship

Some people just can’t stand the thought of being alone. Rather than face this prospect they are quite prepared to go through the motions of being ‘an item,’ even when said relationship is showing the tell-tale signs of being toxic. But it can’t be overemphasised how destructive a bad relationship can be for your physical and mental health. If you are in a toxic relationship it’s high time to get out. Not sooner rather than later. Now. If you are unsure whether or not your own experience might be described as toxic here are some of the classic symptoms to look out for.

How do you cope if your partner is a high flyer?

So your significant other is what might be termed ‘high-powered’? When the alarm sounds, while you’re fumbling to stab the snooze button they’ve already leapt out of bed and are busy checking their phone for emails from the office. How do you cope with a high-flying partner?

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