Ample Meal K Review – Ketogenic Diet Meal Replacement Drink

Ample K is a keto meal replacement shake with a premium blend. Packed with authentic food ingredients, Ample K is specially formulated to help sustain ketosis in a natural way. And pre-portioned for easy use on the go.

Let us find out more about what Ample K has to offer.

How Ketogenic Is Ample K Meal Replacement Shake?

Ample K boasts a calibrated macronutrient profile that's extremely enabling of ketosis.

Its blend consists of:

400 or 600 calories in total, depending on the version.
74% fats.
13% protein.
13% carbs, with 10% dietary fiber and 3% net carbs.

Relying on the most recent findings in nutrition, this macronutrient ratio supplies:

Plenty of healthy fats for staying in ketosis with ease.
Just enough protein to support health and help muscles recover.
Minimal amount of carbs that mostly come from dietary fiber.

As you can tell, Ample K is ketogenic and has what it takes to keep keto dieters healthy.

But what exactly goes into its blend?

Key Ingredients Ample K Consists Of

Inside the blend that makes up Ample K, we'll find these key types of ingredients and their sources:

Fats With fats from coconut, high-oleic sunflower, and macademia nut, Ample K is full of beneficial saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. Ample K also comes with C10 and C8 medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), making for a super healthy mix of fats.
Protein Using high-grade sources of protein, Ample K supplies the amino acids that keto diets may fail to deliver. As such, Ample K includes the animal-sourced grass-fed whey and egg white proteins and the plant-based pea protein.
Micronutrients Because keto diets restrict carbs, the intake of many vitamins and minerals essential to health can be unbalanced. Ample K resolves this nicely by delivering key electrolytes – potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium – along with vitamin D3.
Probiotics Ample K comes with four times more probiotics than yogurt, containing six beneficial Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Bacillus strains. With more than 4 billion colony-forming units (CFUs), it keeps the gut healthy and ensures solid nutrient absorption.
PrebioticsPrebiotics found in high-quality sources of dietary fiber serve as food for the good bacteria in the gut – probiotics. With chicory root fiber, acacia fiber, and organic guar gum fiber in its blend, Ample K provides ample prebiotics.
Antioxidants Employing fruits and organic greens with high nutrient density, Ample K has polyphenols and antioxidants, ensuring defense from free radicals. Lemon, organic wheatgrass, and organic barley grass provide the bulk of nutrients in this part of the Ample K blend.

As you can see, Ample K fits the bill of a one-stop keto meal replacement shake.

But the merits of Ample K don't end here.

Things Ample K Comes Free Of

Unlike many other meal replacement shakes on the market, Ample K is rid of:

Artificial sweeteners, flavors, and sugar alcohols Sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, xylitol, sorbitol – the list of these toxic artificial compounds is almost endless. But what they all share in common is their ability to undermine gut health and intoxicate the body.
GMO Ample K boasts using natural ingredients that come from authentic food sources. And neither one of them comes with any GMOs inside. This makes Ample K unaffected by a slew of toxins that GMO ingredients may contaminate a supplement with.
Gluten and soy Besides the many other ways they damage health, both gluten and soy are notorious food allergens that cause gastric distress. Recognizing how vital proper nutrient absorption is to every keto dieter, Ample K is free of both these harmful components.
BPA To be convenient for use on the go, Ample K comes in pre-portioned bottles. But these aren't average plastic bottles. Every Ample K bottle is made of BPA-free plastic, rid of Bisphenol A – an insidious toxin present in regular plastic.

Without a doubt, Ample K seems to take the health of keto dieters seriously.

What are we to make of it at this point?

Is Ample K Meal Replacement Shake Worth Trying?

Ample K is one of those meal replacement shakes that are hard not to fall in love with.

It delivers everything a keto dieter needs from a meal replacement shake. And it comes without the toxic additives that most other supplements contain.

What's our guide's verdict? Ample K is solid. And if it's not worth trying, then so is any other meal replacement shake out there.
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