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For a few months I have been trading with this broker, you have to be careful because your leverage is very high, one of the highest that the market offers, 1:2000, if you are a beginner I do not recommend it much, since you can either earn a lot or lose everything in hours. Otherwise, it is serious, it is from Russia and regulated in New Zealand.

‘‘This broker is not recommended for beginners. If you have experience, it is a good broker, although there are better ones. But of course, if you want a better broker, you will have to pay a higher commission. Their services are acceptable, although complicated if you do not have any knowledge or experience.’’

‘‘It is one of the few brokers that offer such high leverage, which does not make it advisable for beginners. The documentation process is quite long and a bit tedious. But if all this does not matter to you, in general, it is a good broker, with little commissions and a good platform. The trading conditions offered are excellent if you have experience. I hope my comment will help you.’’

Exness earns by commissions or spreads according to the bases of the client's account. Besides, when carrying out the business of CFDs, no further formalities are needed, since the terms of the contracts are negotiated directly between the two parties.

For those who participate in this type of investment, the way to earn money is through changes in the cost of assets. However, this is a market that can be very changeable according to the state of the global economy. Therefore, despite the projections that may have there is no way to be 100% sure of the profitability of a specific transaction.

In general terms, it can be said that investment in Exness is very risky and not suitable for beginners, only for those who have extensive experience in the world of economics and trading.

It is important to remember that most brokers offer accounts with high levels of leverage, where the initial investment is much lower than the market value of the selected asset so that you could have a significant gain, but there are also chances of having massive losses.

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