Importance of Probioform in our daily life

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, ‘’All diseases start in the gut’’.On the path to the optimal health ‘’gut issues’’ are the first and foremost issues to be addressed. Probioform is your most trustworthy companion in this journey of being healthy and active. It is your best friend that promotes your health by providing a suitable environment for your bacterial friends.


What is Probioform?

Probioform is alive, liquid probiotic and it is the most natural form in which a probiotic can exist. In simple words, it is bacteria in liquid format. Probioform has a complete bacterial ecosystem in its natural state and it is the best quality of Probioform. The strains of Probioform are alive and exist in their most natural state and that is why these active beneficial bacteria retain their organic acids and beneficial metabolites which they release during their normal lifecycle. These metabolites amazingly benefit human health, especially the immune system and brain. Probioform is very stable and there is no need to refrigerate it, but you can easily store it at room temperature for up to one year after opening. It is a pure natural product and to keep its purity safe, there are no additives or fillers in it. Probioform has no sugar, gluten, lactose, GMO, and soya.

Importance of friendly bacteria’s:

Our gut has more than 2000 beneficial bacteria’s that start helping you from the time of birth. From digesting breast milk to the digestion of fiber, these bacteria help in controlling the immune system and also help in controlling brain health. But, we are losing our bacterial friends due to so many reasons.

Hidden antibiotics found in food sources like conventional beef, salmon, and chicken, are disturbing the natural balance of microbes. Residual chlorine present in tap water, fluoride-containing toothpaste, and conventional production of fruits and vegetables are killing healthy bacteria’s in your gut. In addition to all these issues depleted soil cannot provide you enough healthy bacteria even though organic food. Radiations, spraying, cooking, frying, and waxing of vegetables and food kill off the beneficial bacteria. We lose around 40-60% friendly bacteria naturally through our stool.

Why Probioform is highly effective?

The ideology of Probioform manufacturing is based upon the theory of consortia. Consortia are about the process of co-growth in which multiple strains combine during production. All the strains interact with each other during their development and form a collective community of microorganisms that acts as a small ecosystem. This ecosystem is much more capable and resilient of working together synergistically.

Most of the probiotics are in powdered form and their strains grow individually and get combined after being freeze-dried and centrifuged. This is not the natural process as the strains never exist alone naturally.

Benefits of Probioform in your daily life:

Probioform is produced by a fermentation process in which all the natural acids remain there to support bacterial life. It supports the bacterial life that supports the survival and delivery of probiotics. These tiny microbial friends of yours start working in just about 15 minutes.

Another wonderful aspect of Probioform is that all the natural products these bacterias produce like antioxidants, enzymes, and Vitamin B & K also remain in it to provide added benefits and support. This bacterial eco-system helps you in several ways to improve your health and well being:
  • It promotes regularity
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Boost energy and metabolism
  • Helps in weight management
  • Provide relief in gas and bloat
  • Minimize inflammation and deal with leaky gut syndromes
  • Facilitate digestion and the mechanism of building bone density
  • Help is the process of restoration of gut microbiota after using antibiotics
  • Reduce the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s
  • Prevent the brain from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and sclerosis.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar as the natural microbes consume sugar as their source of food and leave less sugar circulation in blood.
  • The incorrect pH level is the cause of vaginal imbalance and Trush. The pH of Probioform is 3.7 and this acidic pH helps to maintain your body pH to stop infectious yeast from thriving.
Probioform is a solution for the whole family. It is as easy to use as from infants to adults, everyone can consume it. To avoid its acidic taste, it can be taken after diluting with water. Probioform is also a cost-efficient product that gives real-life results.
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