Is an Elliptical Machine Good for Your Knees?

Knee injuries can be some of the most painful and difficult to heal. It’s important to choose the best therapies so you can resume normal activities quickly. Perhaps one of the safest and best ways to promote healing of an injured knee is to use an elliptical trainer.

An elliptical trainer is an exercise machine that can be used to simulate the motions of walking, running, or stair climbing, but in a safer environment. You must read in-depth reviews before buying an elliptical machine. You can read reviews about elliptical trainers on


What Are Common Signs of Injury to the Knee?

Many of the symptoms of a knee injury may not show up until the following day. Often a twist or sprain will make walking impossible. You should also check for signs of bruising or swelling that may indicate you’ve injured your knee.

Why Your Damaged Knee Needs Exercise

After you’ve had your knee injury examined by a physician to ensure it’s not bro-ken, you’re on the road to healing. It may be tempting to lie around all day and do nothing while your knee heels, but this is one of the worst things to do. In order to encourage the full movement of all tendons and muscles in your knee you’ll need to do regular exercise, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable at first.

What Kind of Exercise Won’t Harm the Knees?

You may not have the confidence to head outdoors to limp around the block. An elliptical machine can be used in the privacy of your home. It’s also safe to use to exercise the knees.
This is because an elliptical machine has a minimal impact on the body. They are fully adjustable, so you can begin slowly, and as your knee heels, work your way up to full upper and lower body movement.

How Does an Elliptical Machine Restore Movement to the Knees?

A elliptical machine is much like a treadmill that provides exertion on the legs and the heart. The calories burned on an elliptical trainer can be about the same. Studies have been done that show that the trainer is also as effective as doing treadmill exercise. There is an adequate resistance set on the elliptical machine that will help the lower part of the body.
It’s possible to set the resistance on the machine to your preferences. While you work the elliptical, you keep your feet on the pedals. There is no upward or downward removal of the feet, such as if you were walking or using a treadmill machine.
This is why the elliptical machine is your best solution after a knee injury, as it’s a much gentler way to exercise. You won’t experience as much pain as if you were on a treadmill or walking around the block.

How You Can Use My Advice in Your Knee Healing Journey

My story is one example of how I overcame a bad knee injury. I enjoy running, and one day I fell and injured my knee. This was an extremely painful injury. I then learned about the elliptical machine. After exercising on a regular basis, my knee movement was gradually restored after using the elliptical machine
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