The Culprit Behind the Menstrual Cup Pain

Menstrual cups might not be a product that’s newly innovated. However, it is just starting to gain its fame due to the changes in women’s way of choosing products. Nowadays, women opt for eco-friendly yet efficient products that would suit their needs.

So, you may have heard or experienced about feeling a bit of pain when you were using a menstrual cup. It makes you wonder what went wrong, right?

Want to know more about what is the culprit behind that painful feeling during the use of menstrual cups? Then read on!
Why Does Your Menstrual Cup Hurt?
So, here’s the deal, you have bought your menstrual cup out of interest in the advantages it will give you. However, you found yourself in the midst of a painful feeling, making you wonder what could’ve been the problem.
Know that when inserted correctly, you should not be feeling any discomfort from using the cup. However, if you have experienced one, then you do not need to despair. Here are the common reasons as to why menstrual cup could be hurting you.
Wrong Size
This is one of the common mistakes a beginner could make when choosing a menstrual cup. Now, if you are wearing a cup that is too big, small, or long for your body, then it could be that your menstrual cup was sitting too high up in the vagina, which puts pressure on the vaginal walls causing pain and discomfort.
So, what should you do? The solution here lies in measuring your cervix before buying a menstrual cup. You only need to insert a clean finger inside your vagina, and once you have reached the cervix, estimate whether it reached the first line or the second line of your finger.
If it places on the first line, then you have a short cervix. On the other hand, if it reached the second line of your finger, then you probably have a high cervix.
Too Big to Insert
You might have heard this one as a common reaction when people are first introduced to menstrual cups. They might have responded that it might be too big to insert. However, if you know the right way of folding a menstrual cup, then you wouldn’t need to worry about it.
Now, if you are a beginner and is struggling with it, all you need to do is to experiment with different folds. You can search it on menstrual cups websites like the to have more ideas. Additionally, to help you with the insertion, you may want to utilize some pH balanced, water-based lubricants on the rim during the insertion.
Incorrect Insertion
When your menstrual cup is not inserted properly, then it would cause you some discomfort. Now if you are a first-time user of menstrual cup, then it might need a few cycles to get used to inserting into the vagina.
Thus, to solve this issue, you need to make sure that the menstrual cup is placed correctly inside your vaginal walls. With this said, you need to allow the menstrual cup to pop open in the vagina then gently push it into its place.
The menstrual cup should be sitting lower than the tampon and must be placed directly below the cervix and not the other way around.
The Stem is too long
Like tampons, menstrual cups have its “strings” which help in pulling out the menstrual cup from the vagina. Now, if you have a short vaginal canal or low cervix, then you might experience having a stem that protrudes outside of the vagina, causing irritation and discomfort.
An easy fix for this issue is to trim out the stem of the cup by using a pair of clean scissors.
What to Do If Nothing Works
One thing that menstrual cups should provide you is comfortability. Now, if you felt discomfort and pain when you used one, then there’s a problem. You should know that when a menstrual cup is inserted correctly, and using the right size for you, then you should not feel any discomfort at all.
Thus, if you have tried all of the suggested solutions above, but you are still experiencing discomfort and pain, then maybe it’s time that you stop using your menstrual cup and seek medical help from a doctor.
There are some cases that you may find a specific brand of menstrual cup that works well for you but not for someone else. Another reason is that you may have some conditions concerning your vagina, such as pelvic organ prolapse, tilted uterus, or a pelvic floor tone.
All in all, your menstrual cup should bring you comfort and the function that you need from it. The suggested suggestions should fix the problem. However, if nothing has worked, then maybe it’s time that you should consult a doctor for a medical health issue probability.
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