Top 3 Contact Lenses for Sports


Let’s face it, contact lenses beat glasses. They are clearly a superior solution in almost all aspects. The obvious one is looks- nobody will know that you wear contact lenses. Unless of course, you like how glasses look, shoutout to all the hipsters. With lenses, nobody will know you have poor vision, and for athletes, that is an enormous confidence boost. But, there are some other advantages specific to sports that lenses have over glasses, and we will mention a few:

i) Clear peripheral vision- regular glasses correct your sight only straight ahead of you. But in many sports, peripheral vision is critical. Contact lenses tackle this problem straight on, since they cover the surface of the eye, thus moving along with it, giving you sharp vision no matter where you look. You can get dedicated sports glasses that go around your eyes, but that will cost you extra, and you have to remember to switch every time you want to engage sports. Waring one pair of lenses for all purposes is much more convenient.

ii) Always in a perfect position- glasses will work only if you wear them like you are supposed to, in a perfect position. If they move or slip a bit, you will experience image distortions. Also, if they move, their frame will also obstruct your vision. All this can be crippling for sports performance. Lenses, on the other hand, have no frames, and can’t move no matter what you do- you will never experience distortions and loss of focus.

iii) Some more apparent reasons- glasses can fall off and break, they can fog if it’s cold or wet outside, they get wet if it’s raining, which also limits your vision. Also, regular glasses can be a huge injury risk if worn on the sports field- if you get hit in the head with a ball, or an elbow, they can break, cutting your face, or even hurting your eyes. That is why you should never play contact sports, or any game that puts you in danger of getting hit with anything to the head, while wearing regular glasses. Lenses are a much better option; but, if you still decide to wear glasses, get those specifically designed for sports- you will limit the injury risks, and they will not reduce your performance as much as regular glasses do.

Tips for buying contact lenses for sports

Depending on the activity you choose to participate in, you will need different kinds of lenses. We will give you few dos and don’ts:

i) Swimming and other water sports- do not wear your contacts in the water. Never! You are risking serious health problems if you do. All pools contain chlorine, and we know how much that irritates the eyes. But, when you wear lenses, it gets even worse, since it builds upon them, causing even more irritation, even when you leave the pool. But it gets even worse. Pools are filled with millions of germs that can harm your eyes when they stick to your contact lenses. One of them is a nasty Acanthamoeba, that can cause severe damage to your eyes. So don’t gamble, on a pool day, leave your contacts at home.

ii) Eye protection- there are some sports, like squash or racketball, which require you to wear eye protection. You can get one with a prescription, and wear only that, but it is much more convenient, and cheaper, just to wear your regular lenses, and on top of them wear an eye protector that you can get without a prescription.

iii) Outdoor activities- it is recommended that you get lenses with UV protection. This will reduce some damage sun causes to your eyes. This is better than nothing. But, to protect your eyes entirely, you still need to wear sunglasses- contact lenses only cover your cornea and retina, but leave all the other parts of the eye unprotected. So wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a sunscreen to protect your skin, you don’t want to gamble with your health.

Top 3 Contact Lenses for Sports

1-Day Acuvue Moist

If you are looking to participate in outdoor sports, 1-Day Acuvue Moist are the perfect choice for you. These lenses have one of the highest UV protection of all disposable contact lenses on the market. They are made by Johnson&Johnson, a big brand in the healthcare and beauty industry. 1-Day Acuvue Moist will correct both near and farsightedness. Laceron technology is responsible for the “moist” part of their name- the long-lasting cushion of moisture will give you unmatched comfort. These lenses are specifically designed to keep moist and dirt out, and this combined with the high UV protection makes them an automatic recommendation for outdoor activities. But, as noted before, UV protection contact lenses are only a first (and a tiny) step towards complete protection from the sun. If you want to protect your eyes adequately, you will have to wear sunglasses. Nevertheless, if you are looking for disposable contacts for outdoor sports, get 1-Day Acuvue Moist, you will not regret the choice.

Proclear 1 Day

If you are looking for an affordable, but quality solution, Proclear 1 Day lenses are a good choice. You will hardly find a better value for money that these lenses, and you will probably not find better lenses in this price range. These lenses are incredibly comfortable to wear. They will stay moist, and you will not have any problems with them through the whole day. They are made from a next-generation material, called PC Hydrogel. This technology retains water as no other lenses do- water is actually an essential part of the lens, and that is the reason why these contacts remain comfortable even after a whole day of wearing. High water also helps them to say in place, no matter the activity, making these Proclear lenses perfect for sports activities. These contacts are approved by the American FDA, which claims that they provide improved comfort to people who suffer from dry eyes when wearing other lenses. The only con of Proclear1 day lenses, is that they are a little bit difficult to put in. But, considering the value for money, and the comfort they provide, Proclear 1 Day lenses are an automatic choice for any athlete, professional or recreational.

Clariti 1 Day

The main selling point of Clariti 1 Day contact lenses is the material they are made from. Unlike most other manufacturers who use regular hydrogel, CooperVision uses silicone hydrogel for their contacts. This is a far superior form, allowing more oxygen to circle through. This significantly reduces eye infections and irritations. This type of hydrogel will also give your eyes a whiter and brighter appearance.

These lenses are really comfortable to wear too, WetLoc technology allows maximal water retention- your eyes will stay moist, and lenses comfortable the whole day. Lenses are very thin, and will remain in the perfect position even during some high-intensity activities such as jumping and running, making them a good option for sports.

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