What Types of Chains Work Best for Your Diamond Pendant

Diamonds remain one of the most highly sought after accessories today. The diamond industry is still as robust as ever. For instance, in 2018, about 147 million carats of diamonds were produced from different mines from Australia, Africa, and Russia. A large volume of the precious gem goes to luxury jewelry production.


In 2017, the precious gem accounted for $82 billion in the luxury jewelry market; this includes diamond pendants, rings, earrings, anklets, bracelets, brooches, and the like.

Diamonds are popular because of what they symbolize--exclusivity. Only a handful can afford them because of the price. For instance, a 2-carat diamond costs between $18,000 and $20,000. A 0.5-carat diamond will set you back $1,500 based on the 2019 prevailing prices.
So if you are planning to buy diamond pendants, you must make sure you have reliable chains to hold them in place securely.
Here are some of the metal chains that you should pair with your diamond pendant:
1. Curb link chain -- A Cuban-link chain gets fashioned out of sterling silver, solid gold, stainless steel, or brass. They get characterized by a flattened oval shape chained together. The edges are not rounded; instead, they are beveled. It’s known for its durability. However, this type of chain is very masculine.
2. Cable chain -- They are called such because they mimic the design of metal cables. They consist of solid gold, stainless steel, brass, or sterling silver. They are characterized by simplicity, durability, and uniformity. By using this, the beauty of the diamond pendants are highlighted.A silver jewelry manufacturer can help you come up with your own custom design if you are interested in selling your own chain. A silver jewelry factory can manufacture your design flawlessly if they have the right skills and equipment.
3. Wheat chain -- Also called the Spiga chain, this is popular among users because it is both elegant, fluid, and exquisite. They are beautiful enough that you can wear them even without an accompanying pendant. When there’s a diamond pendant that holds it down, it creates that perfect V shape in between your collarbone.
4. Mariner link -- This is also called the Gucci or the anchor link. They work best with diamond pendants because the center bar makes it almost impossible for them to get entangled. The mariner link is a very durable chain that will secure your precious jewelry.
5. Figaro chain -- You can spot a Figaro chain a mile apart because of its distinctive look. It comes with a 3-and-1 pattern. Three small links clumped together followed by an elongated loop. Although that’s the typical pattern, a variation of this involves four or five lower links followed by one longer link in between. This type is a unisex chain, so a man or woman can wear it.
Whatever the chain, make sure that you don’t choose a material that is too thin. The rule of thumb is that the thicker it is, the more durable it’s going to be. Choose between 1.5mm and 2mm, at least, when buying a link.
If you are looking to gift your wife or partner a necklace, head over to Sunny Diamonds. They have a wide array of designs for diamond pendants; you won’t have a hard time choosing one that will impress the receiver of the gift.
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