What You Need to Know about Baby Cereal and How to Prepare It

When your baby starts showing signs that he or she is ready to take on solid food, you might find yourself listing down everything you need to know about giving your baby solid food.For a lot of moms, baby cereals are a typical go-to solid food to give to their young ones as it’s easy to digest and low-allergenic. On top of this, grains can be prepared in under a few minutes. But to help you with your baby cereal questions, here’s what you need to know.



Your Baby Needs Nutrition

Your baby needs iron, and lots of it. If you’re thinking of jumping into the organic baby cereal train, look at how much iron the package contains. Most online stores that sell baby food are loaded with nutritious cereals that are perfect for your baby’s nutritional intake.
Making sure that your newborn meets their iron requirements is vital for a healthy diet and an equal number of good bacteria in your baby’s gut for improved digestion.
Have a Variety Ready
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), introducing different colors, flavors, and texture is a beneficial trick to keep your baby from being a picky eater in the future. If you’re eyeing some organic baby cereal, look at the different flavors they come with and try to get a small pack of each so you can alternate.
You’ll be able to diversify your baby’s diet while still meeting the nutrients he or she needs daily.
Remember that It Takes Time
Nothing new comes easy, especially with a baby. So, don’t be disappointed the first few times that they try to reject what you give them. Studies show they may even reject it 10 to 15 times. What you need to do is be patient and let them have time to process and accept it and go again until they finally swallow down that spoonful of cereal.
Now comes the “so how do I give my baby cereal?” There are a few ways you can feed cereal to your baby, especially if they’re still adjusting to it. Here are a few tricks you could try.
With Milk
Whether it’sbreastmilk or formula, your baby must be used to drinking only that since day one. If you’re trying to introduce cereal to them, try mixing some milk with it. It’ll make it easier for them to swallow since the grain would be in a more liquid form than solid.
With Fruits
Prepare your organic baby cereal with some pureed fruit. This will not only add more flavor to your baby’s food, but it will also add nutritional content to their meal.
With Yogurt
Just like with fruits, yoghurt is a great way to add flavor and texture to baby cereals. You can mix a spoonful of yoghurt with a bowl of cereal to make a more porridge-like food for your baby.
The decision to feed your baby cereals is entirely up to you. There are other alternatives in the market. But if you do go for cereals, the important thing is that you choose the one that’s of nutritional value for your newborn.
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