Top 10 Most Popular Emojis on Instagram
Emojis are transforming how people use social media, especially Instagram. This platform introduced a new feature to allow users to include tiny characters in their hashtags. This enabled them to search for different emojis or a combination of emojis as they explore the content on this platform. 


 Such features and the internet provide an opportunity to learn different ways of using social media. For instance, a user can take this opportunity to learn how to type the shrug emoji in 1 second  (here you can learn more about this emoji).

 Today, emojis have become a universal language. This makes sense because they enable people to convey different messages by sharing them without the inclusion of many words. In some cases, emojis eliminate text. Here are the top 10 most popular emojis on Instagram as of April 2015. 

1. Red Heart 

This emoji is rated at number 1 in the list of the most popular emojis. As of April 2015, this emoji had been used 575,381 times. The emojis is a prominent love symbol. People use emoji to make their followers feel fuzzy from the inside.

2. Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes 

This emoji had 321,684 uses by 2015. This emoji is rated at number 2. Its use kicks off a string of emojis with a love theme. It is mostly used with words like “cute” and “beautiful”.
3. Face Throwing a Kiss 

This symbol had up to 185,186 uses. It is rated at number 3 in the list of the top 10 most popular emojis on Instagram. The hint given by this emoji is obvious due to its romantic nature. People use it to mostly declare love. It’s mostly used with other romance- and love-related emojis.
4. Face with Tears of Joy 

This emoji is rated at number 4. This emoji is used to express a burst of joyful laughter. Apart from signifying traditional humor, a laughter cry can be used to express joy in almost every situation. This emoji has been used more than 185,060 times on Instagram. 

5. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes 

This emoji is rated at number 5. It has been used more than 167,031 times on Instagram. This blushing smiley is used to accept compliments. Some people use it to hint at feeling loved. Others use it to tell their followers that they are warm and happy. People use it when mostly talking about birthdays and good times. 
6. Smiling Face with Dark Sunglasses

This emoji is rated at number 6. It has more than 118,763 uses on Instagram. People use it to convey sentiments that something or someone is cool, easy-going, chill, or carefree. It’s sometimes used with a snarky tone. People are also using this emoji to express approval or appreciation. Thus, it’s used to say awesome or okay. The emoji can also mean a warm or sunny day out. 

7. Two Hearts 

The double heart emoji is ranked at number 7 in the list of the top 10 most popular emojis on Instagram. The hearts can appear in different colors including red, purple, and pink. However, the two hearts always appear together. It’s mostly used to say ‘how sweet’. 

Some people use the word ‘happy’ alongside this emoji. It has been used more than 117,492 times on Instagram. 

8. Winking Face 

A winking face emoji is sometimes known as a winky face emoji. People use it to express flirtation. It can also be used to imply that a person is joking around. It’s mostly used alongside comments that mean something should be taken as a joke. This emoji is rated at number 8 and it has been used more than 93,052 times on Instagram. 

9. Lips Emoji 

At number 9 is an emoji that depicts a part of lips. The lips are mostly red. People use this emoji on Instagram to represent a kiss. It can also be used to send someone a kiss. This emoji is mostly used to say ‘sending you kisses’. It emerged in 2010 and it has been used more than 90,772 times on Instagram. 

10. Thumbs Up 

This emoji is rated at number 10 in the list of the most popular emojis on Instagram. It’s used as an approval, agreement, or acceptance gesture. People use it to say “I like that” or “everything is okay”. It was introduced in 2010 and it has been used more than 89,683 times on Instagram. 

The Popularity of Emojis on Instagram 

As of June 2019, 8.7% of all Instagram posts had 4 to 10 emojis. 52.3% of all posts didn’t have emojis. Currently, this platform is being flooded with emojis. This can be attributed to the fact that Instagram is a visual platform. The popularity of emojis on Instagram skyrocketed when Apple introduced the iOS emoji keyboard. Android has native support. 

Within a month of their launch, the use of some emojis on this website increased by up to 10 percent. Today, almost 50% of all comments and captions have emojis. Finland Instagram users insert emojis more frequently with up to 63 percent of their texts comprising at least one emoji. The ninth position is taken by the US with 38 percent after France with 50%. The UK has 48%, Germany 47%, Italy 45%, Russia 45%, Spain 40%, and Japan 39%. 

It’s crucial to note that emojis have meanings. However, people interpret vaguer emojis differently. Research has shown that people are also abandoning the internet slang in favor of these symbols. 

Emojis have become a universal language that can be used alone on different platforms, including Instagram. Although they are popular in social media posting, emailing, and text messaging, some apps, games, social networks, and books are based on the current emoji trend. But, some emojis are more popular on some platforms than others. For instance, the emojis listed here are the top 10 most popular on Instagram. People are using them to spice up their messages or convey specific messages. Nevertheless, some emojis are vague and people can interpret them differently. Nevertheless, emojis have created a functional interface that people use every day to convey different meanings without words.
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