Why Couples Prefer Paris above All Destinations

 When you ask couples for their preferred choice of a romantic destination, Paris would figure in their top 10 choices. Maybe it has something to do with the jaw-dropping locales and stunning architecture that the city boasts of. Or it has a particularly romantic feel that makes people want to lose to. Let us analyze and understand why couples prefer Paris above all destinations.

 The romantic view from the Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower does not need any introductions. The view you get from the top is beyond any descriptions. In fact, if you want you can enjoy a dinner in one of the restaurants on the top and maybe have a sight of the fireworks too. 

Whatever you do the pleasure of being with your partner at such an exotic place is enough to stir your emotions. The history of Paris cites that there is a lot of enigma behind the place and hence lovers do visit the Eiffel tower for their romantic sojourn.

River Seine 

It feels amazing to cruise down a river which is love personified. The scenic beauty of the river and places around it give you sufficient time to relax your spirits. Plus, you may enjoy some delectable food at these cruises and that coupled with the privacy you get makes it for a lovely choice to make.

Palais Garnier

Opera echoes of lost love and the promises made by those in love. One visit to the Palais Garnier is then obvious for those who wish to make their relationship immortal. Alongside you would find some amazing sculptures and paintings that depict the kind of life that Paris has been witness to. For an awesome experience, you should plan to visit in the night when you can catch up on the theatre as well as the artifacts.

Sacre- Coeur

Though this is a cathedral the view you get from the top is too enriching to miss. Also, the history of this place has been a witness to many lovers accepting the wedding vows here. You can imagine making your bond eternal at this monument of love. Do not ignore the architecture and beauty of the cathedral when you are inside. It is moments like these that make it easy for a couple to profess their love for each other.

Arc de Triomphe

For those who believe that love calls for sacrifice, this memorial is a must-visit. Though the monument is for those who laid their lives for the country the fact that it has an aspect of love to it makes tourists throng there. Grab a picture with your loved one here and show to the world that you are meant to be together.
Paris has loved personification in the true sense. That is probably the reason why most couples choose it to celebrate their love. Planning a trip here should be done carefully with the utmost attention paid to the place you are going to stay in. Make your arrangements in advance and do loads of research before choosing a hotel that is as memorable as the city itself.


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