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"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Home Improvement Tips to New Home Owners

 So you just bought a new home, well that is amazing. We know the decision must have been very difficult to make but you did it. You made one of the most crucial financial decisions in your life and we commend you for that. Sure, the house may not be exactly how you wanted it to be but no house is perfect at first. It’s often up to you to redesign and decorate it to your liking. We’ve compiled for you a list of home improvement tips you can use to make your house look spectacular.

Ciao Bella! How to Plan Your Dream Trip to Italy

Ready to stop dreaming of Italy and finally visit Italy? Planning makes perfect! From packing to sightseeing, here's everything you need on your trip to Italy.


 Are you a local or international tourist looking for the best places to explore in Sydney? 

Building Your Dream Home: How to Take Out a House Construction Loan

 Are you looking to take out a construction loan to build your new dream home? Read on to learn how to take out a house construction loan.

10 Unique Tiny Homes That Will Blow Your Mind

Tiny homes don't have to be small and boring. Keep reading for 10 unique tiny homes that will blow your mind.

Plan Your Next Vacation At A Resort Catering To All Ages

Have you been on a vacation with the whole family and found it very difficult to keep every member of the family happy? Have you been on a vacation to places where your kids had the time of their lives but you and your spouse found it boring? Or have you wanted to go with your parents for a vacation but could not find a place where both your kids and parents will enjoy? Everyone loves a good vacation, but one that caters to people from all age groups often remains a distant dream. 

5 Vacation Rentals Options in Malta - villas, cottages, apartments, farmhouses and penthouses

Finding the right type of rental accommodation in Malta to suit your needs and preferences is absolutely essential to enjoying a comfortable and stress-free vacation. Some of the factors that you need to take into account when choosing your accommodation is the amount of people that you’ll be travelling with, as well as they type of vacation that you plan on having. For example, a culinary explorer’s vacation will require that you stay somewhere close to cafes and restaurants, while a scuba diver’s accommodation needs to be close to the ocean and within reach of major diving spots. Below we’ve hand-picked a select list of rental accommodation options to suit all types of needs and preferences. However, if you can’t find an ideal place for your particular vacation needs, then you can head over to Short Lets Malta for an even wider selection.

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