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"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."

Helen Keller

Why Gold Prices Go up When the Economy is Going Down

 A combination of investor behavior, supply and demand are largely responsible for the movement of gold prices. While this seems simple enough at surface level, these factors sometimes work together counterintuitively. For example, many investors view gold as a good inflation hedge. This seems very plausible, especially considering how the value of fiat money reduces the more it gets printed, while gold remains relatively constant in supply.

The Ultimate Moving Tips and Checklist

 So, you’ve finally decided to move to a new home. Congratulations! Hopefully, you’ve planned everything well. You may be a procrastinator who often gets things done last minute but this isn’t something you can easily get away with. You need to plan early, book transportation early, and pack early. Planning ahead makes your moving exciting and stress-free. Here are practical tips to help you transition smoothly. Read on!

Wearing A Mask: Which States Are In Favor Of It And Which Aren't?

 Once only commonplace in East Asian countries and rarely seen outside of Asian communities around the world, surgical masks have become an everyday part of getting dressed for many people. Due to the pandemic currently sweeping the world, face coverings such as a surgical mask or scarf are recommended when going out in public. Some states have gone further and asked citizens to cover their faces before they will go out for essential supplies or use public transportation. 

10 Tips for Getting the Best Auto Insurance Quotes

 There has been a vast increase in auto insurance rates across nations due to the legalistic nature of the society and increasing prices of vehicles. It doesn't seem like the rates will be going to decrease anytime soon but there are various ways you can save on car insurance. Looking for the best auto insurance quotes? Here they are!

3 Simple Changes That Will Spruce Up Your Living Room

You spend a significant amount of time in your living room. Whether you like to enjoy relaxing time with the family or binge watching your favorite TV shows, your living room is very likely the room that you like to hang out in the most.

Unfortunately, when you spend so much time in a particular room it can start to feel stale and in need of a refresher. Moreover, the furniture in your living room is more likely to wear out faster because of how much use it gets.
Tips in Installing Fitted Wardrobes

 Your wardrobe is a place to store your valuable possessions. As such, it must be designed to address your requirements and needs. If you are trying to design a custom wardrobe, there are tips that you must remember. 

How to reduce stress

As the saying goes, into each life a little rain must fall. However, for anyone who has ever worked on building a career alongside maintaining a relationship, becoming a homeowner, trying to work out and stay healthy, raise children, and if possible find the time to hold down some semblance of a social life, this so called ‘little rain’ is the understatement of the year. Try flood. Try tsunami. Try ‘does anyone have the number of someone who can build an ark’. 

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"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right."

Henry Ford

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