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7 Camping Essentials for Dogs
Saturday, 01 May 2021

When the weather warms up, it’s great to get out into nature. If your family loves camping, it’s always fun to bring your furry friends along, too. When you are packing for your next trip, don't forget these seven essentials for your pet.

1. CBD Oil

If you are venturing to somewhere new or an area with many people, it’s a good idea to have some CBD oil for dogs on hand. This supplement is excellent for calming an anxious pooch that’s fearful in new surroundings. CBD works with the dog’s endocannabinoid system to block receptors in their brains that create anxiety. The oil is added to their food or treats and keeps your dog calm and quiet instead of reacting to the environment.

2. Leash

Nearly every campground in state and national parks require your dog to be on a leash at all times. The problem is you are not always able to hold your dog’s leash while you are setting up camp or cooking a meal. These are the times when a multipurpose leash comes in handy. It has additional hooks and clasps that allow you to secure them to any sturdy object. This type of leash is adjustable in length to give your dog freedom to move around and still keep them safe. It is small, lightweight and easy to carry in a hiking pack.

3. Food Bowl

You never want your best friend to be without the necessities of food and water. If you have ever tried to give your dog a drink from a water bottle, you know it’s a challenging task. A collapsible bowl solves this problem. It folds flat to fit into a backpack making it easy to take anywhere and pops open when it’s time to eat and drink. The bowls are made of heavy-duty silicone that is easy to clean and strong enough to hold up to repeated use.

4. Bed

After a long day exploring, it's always nice to have a spot to relax. A camping bed is a great idea, and there are various products available for your pup. A camping bed is much thinner and lightweight than a traditional dog bed. One option if you can’t find a handmade knitted bed, is a microsuede-covered foam that rolls up tightly and is light enough to attach to your pup’s backpack. If you are camping during cooler months, consider bringing along a doggy sleeping bag too. These bags offer protection from the cold with a waterproof outer layer and are lined with thick material to keep your dog warm throughout the night.

5. Lifevest

If you plan on taking some time for water sports, keep your dog safe with a life vest. Water safety is essential for every member of the family. Whether you take a speed boat excursion, fish in a canoe or brave the rapids in a raft, know that your pup is safe with the vest. Even though dogs have an instinct to swim, they may be in the water for a long time if there is an accident. A vest allows them to rest and still stay afloat.

6. First Aid Kit

It’s always wise to have a first aid kit for yourself as well as your furry friend. Many items are similar in the two cases, such as antihistamine, saline wash, tick removers and wrappable bandages. However, dogs also need self-adhering bandages that won’t stick to their fur and pet-friendly pain medications. You hope never to need these items, but being prepared is always a good idea.

7. Backpack

When you are out for a hike, give your puppy a backpack. Your pack is full of your supplies, so having one that fits on your dog’s back is a perfect way to have it carry its supplies. You can put its bowl, water, food and first aid kit inside. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, and your back is free to carry your necessities.
Camping with your family and your furry friend makes a vacation enjoyable. Having all your pup’s supplies ready to go means you can leave on an adventure at a moment’s notice. Bringing along items such as CBD oil, a multipurpose leash, collapsible bowls, a dog bed, a life vest and a first aid kit tucked inside a doggy pack allow your pet to enjoy the trip as much as you.
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