How to Create a Pet-Friendly Environment at Home
Thursday, 06 May 2021

Besides giving your fur-baby lots of cuddles and love, keeping them safe should be your number one priority. It can be difficult leaving your pooch home alone, but it is a necessity for many pet owners. If you must leave your four-legged friend at home for a lengthy period of time, then just make sure the environment they are in is pet-friendly. Here are a few top tips to help you create a pet-friendly space for your furry companion.

Identify Hazards

You might think that you have the brightest pet in the world, but even lassie could be tempted by an open trash can or last night’s leftovers on the table. From medication to open bottles of chemicals, your pet could find anything when rooting through the bin. Even though you might give your pooch scraps from your plate, there may be food that could make your pet ill. For example, onions are common in many dishes – unfortunately if your cat or dog ingests even the tiniest amount, they could end up being extremely sick. Your pet probably cannot tell the difference between something that is good for them and something that is poisonous. Identify potential hazards and remove them.
Besides open bins and leftovers, other hazards include chemicals that are out in the open and glasses of wine or bottles of beer that have not been cleared away. In addition, some plants are toxic to pets; lilies, daisies and daffodils can be fatal when ingested. If you use them for decorative purposes, just make sure they are out of reach.

Install a Doggy Door

Whether you have gone to work or it is late at night and you are in bed, a special door for your dog will enable them to relieve themselves outdoors. Not only will this prevent accidents from happening indoors, it will also make your pet feel more comfortable as they will not have to hold it in until you are ready to let them out. Some doggy doors are sensor activated which means that they will only allow access to your pet.

Keep Up With Vaccinations

One of the best ways to ensure your pet is in tip top condition is by visiting the vet for regular examinations. A veterinarian will know what sort of vaccinations your pet needs to thrive and can spot changes and abnormalities in your dog. As a pet parent, make sure your dog is fully vaccinated. Vaccinations and regular check-ups can get expensive but some vets, such as easyvet, offer great service and affordable veterinary care.

Fresh Water Access

Prevent your pet from overheating by giving them access to a constant water source. With a busy schedule it can be difficult to remember to refresh their bowl daily, fortunately there are automatic water dispensers to do the job for you. An automatic dispenser will also encourage your pet to drink while you are not around. Another way to keep them cool is by placing a cooling mat in a shaded area in the home. They are made from cooling materials and can prevent your pet from overheating on a hot day.
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