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Safe houseplants for Cats
Saturday, 14 December 2019

Pets are curious naturally and use their mouths to feel and taste. But having poisonous plants at home can be a big problem. Cats eat, go to the bathroom, and hide there in house plants. The most challenging part of having indoor plants and pets together is to convince them to live in harmony.

There are so many issues to deal with, like averting a mess, damage to plants and flowers, and some more severe problems from minor indigestion to acute poisoning. This article is going to guide and help you in the selection of safe houseplants for cats.

Poisonous Indoor Plants to Pets:

Before discussing cat-friendly plants, it is essential to know about the plants that are poisonous to your cat toys:
  • Undoubtedly, the Pink & Yellow Oleander looks beautiful in the pot, but it is every single part. It is poisonous.
  • From beautiful Geraniums to gorgeous lilies, lovely Philodendron to sweet Cyclamen, and gracious Azaleas to Aloe vera, all these plants can make your cats seriously ill.
  • Oleander, Rhododendron, Azalea, and Mistletoe are among the lethally dangerous plants to cats.
Create a friendly indoor for cats:

Don’t worry! There is no need to scrap your collection of indoor plants for the sake of Fido. There are heaps of beautiful indoor plants that are easy to grow for you and help you to manage green decor and healthy felines. There is a long list of cat-friendly plants such as:


These periwinkle-hued beauties are perfect substitutes for carnations.

Creeping Zinnia

These members of the sunflower family are a cheerful and cat-friendly choice for desk accouterments and window boxes.

American Rubber Plant

It is a perfect non-toxic plant for felines and also good to remove indoor toxins.

Money Tree

The money tree is a cat-friendly plant, but be aware the Jade version of it with succulent leaves is poisonous to cats.

Spider Plant

These mini green explosions add a style boost in your house and cause no issues for your pussy cats.


These elegant gifts of Mother Nature are the perfect choice for a pet-friendly home.

Blood leaf

Deep red and purple leaves of blood leaf plants make it a luscious choice for your indoor, and these are non-toxic to kitties.

Christmas Cactus

It is an excellent substitute for Poinsettias, and unlike other cacti, these are chill for cats.

Air Plant

Air plants look delicate and beautiful. These plants add a glamorous look to your indoor environment, and these are also cat-friendly.
All these plants and many others like Blue Globe Thistle, Impatiens, Ferns, Sweet potato & Swedish ivy wines, Baby’s breath, Baby’s tears, Parlor & Bamboo Palms, wax plant, Cast Iron plant, TradescantiaZebrina, Prayer plant, and Roses are safe for your kitty friends and also amazing to enhance the indoor air quality and beauty of your home.

Take care of your little furry friends!

In case, if your cat has ingested something poisonous, they stop eating, have diarrhea, be sick, act lethargic, and might have a seizure. Check there gums to confirm an abnormality. Instead of healthy pink gums, if there is a change in coloration, quickly contact your vet.
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