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The Most Amazing and Unusual Pets in the World!
Friday, 13 June 2008

Not everyone owning a cat or a dog. Of course we love them a lot, but sometimes people want a little something different, unusual and a bit exotic!



1. The Smartest Pets

What comes to your mind at first – dogs? No, these are pigs! Potbellied pigs are easily trained and have an alert curiosity and affectionate nature. They're smarter than the smartest dogs, and just as appreciative of a good belly-scratch. They're quick to house-train, are quite clean and odor-free animals, they don't bark, don't chew and shed very little. Their eyesight is poor but they have a keenly developed sense of smell. But be careful - cute piglets can grow to be quite large pigs.

2. The Most Talkative Pets

Parrots provide excellent companionship because of their ability to learn how to speak. It is quite amusing to the owner to hear pet parrots repeat the words they have been taught. The time spent talking with the bird in order to get it to learn new words is a bonding experience that many owners and their parrots enjoy. Parrots also have a long life expectancy. If properly cared for, many species of parrots can live for around fifty years. This is more than twice as long as the life expectancy for dogs and cats, which are the most common household pet. So You will have someone to talk to for long-long years!

3. The Most Illegal Pets:)

What do you think? These are racoons! Before even considering a raccoon though, be aware that they are illegal in many areas. Check with local and state/provincial regulatory bodies before pursuing the idea of having a raccoon as a pet. If raccoons are legal where you are, then the search is on. It is best to obtain them from a breeder, although one may be difficult to find. Some have raised orphan raccoons as pets. In any case, it is best if the raccoons are very used to being handled, a lot and from an early age.

4. The Most Unwanted Pets

Nobody would fancy a cockroach for a pet. The very name sends chills down the spine for many. But there are people who are fascinated by a special species of cockroach called the Madagascar hissing cockroach. The Madagascar hissing cockroach is no ordinary roach. For one thing, it can grow to up to 3 inches long and over an inch wide – not something you would swat with a rolled-up magazine! They are hardy creatures that do not bite, and in fact make great exotic pets for children. The habits of the cockroach and the spirit with which it defends it territories have impelled the people to keep it as a pet.

5. The Most Dangerous Pets

If you are fond of fishes, then you can consider having a Piranha at home. True to their depiction in cartoons like Tom & Jerry, they are violent creatures who can chew off the hand that feeds it. Mostly, only experienced aquarists take on the piranha.

6. The Most Springy Pets

The wallaby is a miniature version of the kangaroo. Wallabies belong to a group of animals called macropods – Latin for "Big Foot." They are affectionate, playful and mischievous pets.


Native to Australia, wallabies can make great pets if you raise them properly and "wallaby-proof" your home. But be ready, they need a rather large play area – 50 by 50 feet of hopping room, surrounded by a large, sturdy fence. Wallabies can be trained to live indoors, but beware: these affectionate, playful creatures have the ability to open cupboards, jump on counters and other high places. They are known to enjoy taking a bath with human owners and may turn the bedroom into his or her sleeping quarters, if not properly trained.

7. The Most "Stinky" Pets

Nowadays, skunks (a Latin name that translated into “stinks, stinks,”) are quickly becoming one of the more common pets! If bred by a reputable breeder, a de-scented skunk can make an excellent companion. Skunks have extraordinary intelligence, memory and problem-solving ability. You cannot train or correct a skunk like any other animal. It takes patience and love. Skunks show a lot of human traits – they can be warm, funny and affectionate at times, as well as demanding, obstinate and aloof. But do not forget to de-scent your skunk, cause your pet may become really stinky.

8. The Most Useful Pets

How about a fluffy chicken or one that lays blue eggs? You may not have considered the possibility of keeping a chicken as a pet, but they can make wonderful additions to your family. Chickens can live for many years, although often slaughtered young when egg production declines, you should plan on a pet chicken living for ten years. One of the advantages to owning chickens as pets is that every day or two they will provide you with an egg. If you have never had chickens before you will be amazed at how personable they really are. You can not walk by without them softly clucking, calling you over to give them some dandelions. So, are you interested? Good luck!

9. The Most Rolling Pets

As well as being able to roll into a tight spiny ball when frightened, African Pygmy Hedgehogs, are also bundles of personality, loyalty, and activity. They can be trained to use a litter box, are virtually odor free, and will happily spend the day riding around in your breast pocket. Hedgehogs make a very quiet, small friend and are not aggressive as long as you hold them regularly, making them a great choice for adults and older children. They virtually fit in the palm of your hand! Most people have no allergic reactions to hedgehogs. They have virtually no odor, are clean, and can be litter box trained. If you want a small pet but with a longer life span than say, a hamster, a hedgehog is definitely the pet for you!

10. The Longest Tail Pets

Asian Long Tailed Lizards have a total snout to vent length of 6cm, total sizes including its extremely long tail 30cm. These are a lovely active species from South-East Asia. Owning a long tail lizard can be a very rewarding experience if the animal is cared for properly. Long tailed lizards can live for 5 years if properly cared for. You can handle these animals if you hold them gently. Their tales can break off easily so make sure you don’t grab them by their tail.



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