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The Suitable Way to Tame Bearded Dragons Quickly
Friday, 24 April 2020

Bearded dragons make good pets because they have a docile character. Although they have a great demeanor, it can take you some time to tame them, especially the ones that are just coming from the wild. Besides, they are instinctively tame, so they might try to protect themselves by puffing themselves up, running away, or acting aggressively.

This is their natural way to fend off what they consider as a threat to their lives. But there are various ways you can tame a bearded dragon. This post will show you how to tame bearded dragons so that you can develop a better and healthy relationship with your pet.

Taming a baby or juvenile bearded dragon

Whether it’s a baby or juvenile bearded dragon, you should always try to interact with it once you bring it home. This doesn’t mean that you should begin handling it immediately, rather, you should give it enough time to adjust to its environment. However, after a week or two weeks, you can start interacting with it. Here is how you can start taming a baby or juvenile bearded dragon:
  • First of all, you should pet it lightly on top of its head and go down to its back.
  • Then get your hand into the enclosure and observe its reaction. If it retreats, jumps, or cows down, you should give it more time to get used to you. This is because such behavior is a sign of fear.
  • When it feels comfortable while petting it, you can start to pick it up and handle your pet. You should put your hand on its midsection and grasp it lightly. Once you feel that you have a firm grip on it, lift it slowly from its enclosure.
  • You should attempt to tame your bearded dragon regularly. This is the only way you can build a happy relationship with it.
It’s important to note that you should have a routine when taming your bearded dragon. This is because if you stop doing it for a couple of months, you might need to begin all over again from the initial step. You can get advice from other bearded dragon owners or read more about bearded dragons at

How to tame an adult bearded dragon

If you get an adult bearded dragon, it can be tricky to tame it. The bottom line is that the success of taming the dragon will depend on the treatment it received from the previous owner. Unfortunately, adult bearded dragons that were mistreated may not like to be petted or handled at first. For this reason, you need to have patience and determination to tame it.

The good news is that once the dragon has adjusted to its new surroundings, you can start taming it. You should place your hand slowly into the enclosure while watching out for its reaction. If it hisses and puffs, then it is not feeling safe. You can try to rub its back and the tail gently to check its reaction.

Be ready to take off your hand quickly if it tries to take a bite at you. With continuous petting every day, the dragon will slowly get comfortable with you. This might take a month and you now can pet it on the head softly. Then move your hand around its midsection. When you have a firm grasp, lift it up from its enclosure with one or two hands if it's a fully grown adult.
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