TIPS for Epic Road Trip with Your Dog

Do you want to take your lovely dog with you for a trip? Of course, you have a vacation and going to leave the city. It’s a usual thing to take a dog traveling. Most of the pets have already had the experience of traveling with their owners. But it can be really stressful to stay in a small car.

But it can be really stress ful to stay in a small car. Do you think Dodge Challenger rental in Chicago gives you enough space for all passengers, including your dogs? There are many things to think about before you go to provide maximum comfort for all and everyone.


1. Visit vet

First of all, you have to visit your vet before you go. The main thing is to persuade that your dog is healthy and ready for the trip. Also, if you are planning to travel abroad or go by plane, you need a dog’s passport with all vaccinations and other necessary marks. Otherwise, you’ll have custom problems.

2. Are you going to travel by car or take a flight? Think about it!

So, what do you plan to travel by? Do you want to rent a car and take a roadtrip? So, you should make sure that your car is big enough to meet all requirements about pets’ transporting. Your dog is in safe and comfort at the back seat of your car! You may go now.
Taking a flight with a dog, you should transport it in a special carry-box. If it is possible, try to pick a short flight. Moreover, make sure you picked a pet friendly company! Ask the about all needed documents.
3. Pack it carefully

It is important to pack all things you may need on the go. Don’t forget your dog’s favorite toy, medicines, drink and snacks. Check the map and mark few places you will stop and take some rest. Do you need one more blanket or a water bowl? Think about it.

4. Make schedule

It is not that easy to travel with pets. It is very important to keep on your dog’s day schedule. You have specific time to take food, sleep, play. So, keep it up and don’t hesitate to stop the car and have a walk with your dog when you see it really needs it. Do you give your dog enough attention during the trip? Is he feels ok? Try to take some shorter drives before your journey to see how your pet reacts. If your dog is anxious or nervous on car rides, try to give it more attention.

5. Watch the paws inside the car

Surely, you dog will enjoy hanging out paws out of the window. The situation is funny, but it may cause damage to the dog’s ear or paw. Prepare for the worst. Try to rent a comfortable car with enough space at a back seat or keep the dog in a crate in case of an accident. Make sure you have the address and the number of you hotel in case of emergency.

6. Pit stops

Stop the car every 2 hours! Don’t be lazy to do simple exercises, take a short run, bath, or just visit bathroom. It helps your dog to feel more comfortable and fresh. That’s great if you have an air conditioner in your car.

7. Take as much water as you can


Water is very important for your pets, especially when the weather is hot. It is not a problem to take much water in the car. Bring a gallon of cold water or more so that you can drink and make your dog stay hydrated during your journey.

8. Don’t leave your dog alone

Do you want to go out for a minute to the nearest shop or bathroom? What about your dog? Are you going to leave it in the car? That’s a bad idea! The summer months are especially hot. The temperature in the car on a hot day reaches 110 degrees in 10 minutes. Some animals can cause damage to the car when they are alone and scared. So, try to take the dog out and ask someone to keep an eye on it or take with you. And don’t be surprised when your calm and quiet dog becomes nervous and barks all the time. Behavioral changes are common. Remember about it when you are leaving the dog in the car.


One more thing, going for a trip don’t forget to book a pet-friendly hotel. It is not a good idea to sleep in the hotel room and leave your poor doggy in the car for the whole night. Also, you can’t leave it just in the street unprotected. A pet-friendly boutique hotel is the best choice for you. That would be great if it is conveniently located just minutes driving from the airport or places you are going to visit.


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