Ultimate Guide To Keeping Your Pet Entertained When You’re Out

 If you have a pet and you aren’t able to spend all your time with your furry friend, you have probably already wondered how to prevent them from destroying your home out of frustration. Whether you have to be at work or out for the weekend, it is always ideal to provide your pet with adequate entertainment solutions that will reduce the chances they start to feel separation anxiety. 

 While spending quality time with your pet is essential when you are at home, you should also consider taking your dog out occasionally to enjoy time out of the house as well. As there are a number of ways to entertain pets when you aren’t around, it would be wise to incorporate a few methods for situations when your pet will be left alone for long periods of time. Even though it is not recommended to leave your furry friend alone for too long, these methods are perfectly suitable for building a routine for your pet when you aren’t around.

Rotate Dog Toys

It’s no secret that dogs need toys to stay entertained. However, opting for domestically made dog toys with great reviews will probably also prevent the possibility that your dog ends up destroying your furniture out of boredom. Regardless of the types of toys, you decide to treat your pet with, it is best to alternate toy choices as this will prevent your pet from becoming bored with the same toys. Adding variety is one of the best ways to keep your pet happy when you aren’t there. You should also consider hiding toys in places that are somewhat obvious as this effort will keep your furry friend occupied for a lengthy period. There are so many different types of dog toys on the market, which is why it may be best to consider reading reviews to determine the best quality toys that will be able to last the longest for your pet. 

Food Trails

Placing food trails strategically around the house will entertain your pet when you aren’t home. You can hide food traces anywhere and create something of an interesting puzzle to keep your dog busy. Hiding chewy treats is a great idea to ensure your pet is kept busy on each piece of your food puzzle for longer. Certain pet stores sell types of food puzzle sets that will reduce the amount of effort you need to put in before heading out to work for the day. If you allow your dog to chew bones, you could purchase a few dog bones from your local pet store and opt for large sizes that will entertain your dog for longer.

Leave The TV On

Rather than leaving your loyal companion alone in a quiet home, you should leave the television on. Your pet will feel comforted by the constant sound. It would be best to opt for cartoon channels or channels that include animals in the films or series as your pet may enjoy these more than other channels. However, this option will only entertain your fluffy friend for short periods of time while you are out, which is why it would be best to use this method along with others.

Hire A Dog Walker

Even though a dogwalker may not be able to walk your dog for the entire duration you are not at home, it would be a great idea to hire a dog walker that will be able to take your pet for a walk a short while after you leave the house. Your pet will be significantly more tired after an enjoyable walk, which means they will be far less likely to become anxious and bored. Make sure there will be enough food and water waiting for your pet once they arrive home. Before hiring a dog walker, it is best to assess your options and determine how well your fluffy companion gets alone with your candidate options. Even though dogwalkers are usually able to appeal to most dogs, it is best to opt for a walker that your dog is excited to see.

Giant Ice Block

Dogs truly enjoy chewing and playing with blocks of ice. A rather creative approach to entertaining your dog for a while when you are not able to be at home is to make a giant ice block for your pet. Your dog will be entertained by chewing and chasing a melting cube of giant ice for quite some time. If you are reluctant to leave a giant ice block in your house to melt away, consider leaving the ice block outside if you have a dog door installed for your pet to get inside. You can make a giant ice block by filling a large plastic container with water and then freezing overnight. If your dog is not entirely entertained by melting ice, you could place a toy or treat inside the water before freezing as your pet will spend quite some time attempting to reach the treat through chewing and licking. This is also a fantastic idea for warmer weather as your dog will stay cool while being entertained.

Wean Your Pet Onto The Idea Of Being Left Alone

It is not the best idea to leave your pet alone for lengthy periods of time before they have become accustomed to the idea as this will definitely result in separation anxiety. Rather than assuming your pet will be able to grasp the idea on their own, you should take the time to slowly introduce them to a routine in which they are alone at home. This means you should start by leaving your fluffy friend alone for a few minutes before returning and slowly increasing the time until your pet seems comfortable enough.
Introducing your pet slowly will prevent a lot of destructive behaviour and possible depression. Your pet will grow used to the idea that you will be returning and anticipate your arrival each day.
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