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3 Myths About Digital Art Debunked
Wednesday, 03 March 2021

The biggest myth about digital art is that it is not ‘real.’ Many are hesitant to buy art online to invest in something which has not been created with color mixing, sketch pencils and highly-specialized skills. On the flip side the global digital art software market is growing at a faster pace at substantial rates and is expected to increase significantly in between 2019 and 2026, according to an article by Market Research Intellect. This indicates that the technique of digital art is capable of creating masterpieces which are much beyond brush-strokes on canvas.

With the help of digital art, one can conceptualize subjects like landscapes, skyscapes and creatures in a more profound manner. However, it is not a simple drawing on MS paint. It requires equal hard work, time and patience as needed for traditional art forms. Digital art photography of abstract objects like Whirlpool Galaxy, Lillium Galaxy or Pluto can be further printed on aluminum for sale, say experts at Phoenix International Art (PIA) Gallery.

Below are a few misconceptions cleared to help you appreciate and learn more about museum quality digital art.

1. Requires Less Practice

People refuse to believe that outstanding art can be produced without physical tools. Many are under the impression that digital work only requires a computer and software. But, digital artists too need hours of careful practice of cross-hatching and layering. Further, certain software do not allow you to go back and correct a piece of work since they can only move ahead to finish the painting. You can visit the best art galleries in Phoenix, AZ, to check out high-quality digital art produced by well-known artists.

2. Limited Opportunities

Often people are under the impression that you cannot ‘do much’ with digital art. Well, art galleries in Phoenix, AZ, are the brightest examples of what computer graphics can do to make pictures super captivating. Digital artists are the people who create storyboards for animation, produce logos and websites and work with magazines, advertisements and gaming backgrounds, according to an article by Parblo Tech. Therefore, you simply need to idealize your thoughts and the opportunities are sky high.

3. Lacks Real Value

It is a common belief that digital art is created artificially through a computer screen. This might lessen the value of the art-form. However, know that at the end, it was solely a human process of feeding and coding algorithms that made the device produce the work. In fact, original art for sale are priced from $2,700 up to $5,400 given the exceptional talent and hard work they reflect. Also, virtual reality is becoming the next big thing in art therapy acting as an expressive tool to reduce phobias and delusions, according to an article by ScienceDaily. Owing to these benefits, digital art definitely has unmatched value attached to it.
Anything created afresh is real art. Therefore, if you are looking for slightly Modified Arts in Phoenix which are rare yet priceless; go for digital art photography. They do not lose their vibrancy or vividness post printing and are fine gifting options too.
Image credit: PIA Gallery
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