5 Rainy Day Activities
Saturday, 27 October 2018

A wet weather day can truly put a dampener on your plans. After all, it’s hard to keep upbeat and energetic when rain makes you feel lethargic. However, just because it’s too wet to be outside, doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no fun to be had. There are many ways you to create your own entertainment! Next time you’re stuck for ideas on a rainy day, why not consider one of the following activities?

Rainy Day Activities


Get transported to another world

Is there anything better than cuddling up in front of a film on a wet and miserable day? A trip to the movies can sometimes feel a bit more special than just kicking back on your couch; you can grab a drink or a bite to eat before or after the show too!
However, with that in mind, we spend so much time staring at screens. Therefore, a rainy day could indeed be the perfect opportunity to reconnect with a book. If it’s truly gruesome weather outside, we suggest a book that’s set on a desert island, to warm you up!

Play games at home

To stay entertained, you could embark on a day of board games. Take a poll to find out each player’s favourite or take it in turns to suggest a game to play. If you’re short on board games around the house, you can usually find a selection of classic and newer games on sale in Goodwill, or other second-hand and charity stores.
If you prefer to game on your own on via your computer, you can play casino live Unibet, where they’ve got Roulette, Hold’em, Blackjack and all your other casino favourites.

Sow a mini herb garden

Whether you’ve got a backyard or not, you can grow a few kitchen herbs to add an authentic taste to your home-cooked meals. Upturned buckets, old crates, and other containers can easily be converted into a mini herb garden. If you’re a big fan of Asian food, then cilantro is a great herb to try and grow. Similarly, if pizza and pasta make up most of your meals, then basil and oregano would be great to cultivate at home. It’s a fun activity for anyone with green fingers!

Throw a dinner party

If you’re looking for an activity to last you the whole day, why not invite your friends over for a spontaneous dinner party? You can spend most of the day preparing food, create a theme, establish a dress code and plan some entertainment.
You’ll find plenty of inspirational dinner party ideas on sites such as Pinterest, and elsewhere on the internet. As a starter, you could throw a Mexican night, complete with authentic music, and foods which celebrate different regions. Or, whip up a Japanese feast, where you attempt to roll your own sushi.

Volunteer in a soup kitchen

For maximum goodwill points, you could make dinner for someone else; search online to find your nearest soup kitchen, and volunteer for a few hours helping dish out food to the homeless. You’ll likely find there are several ways you can get involved, from helping prepare the food, to welcoming guests as they arrive at the centre, serving up and helping clean up once the meal has been completed.
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