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Phillip Toledano Real Photography
Monday, 03 November 2008

I love photography. This is my secret passion:) Photography may be different: beautiful, fashionable, conceptual, real... Few days ago I've stumbled over one fashion photo collection. And something made me to google for the photographer. Something special was in these photos. I couldn't explain that, so I decided to look for more...

The photosite I found was Mr Toledano - Phillip Toledano Photography. Everything about it was special - design, idea, photos - and one more interesting thing - photographer's comments. Usually photographers speak with "bare" photographs, but these comments were so natural here.

"I believe that everything should start with an idea,
Whether it be a single image, or a series."

~ Phillip Toledano

Firstly I wanted to see more fashion photos that had caught my attention. I guess that Phil describes his works perfectly:

"For me, fashion photography is like writing,
Sometimes it's a short story, sometimes it's a one-liner,
But it's always more then just hair and makeup"

~ Phillip Toledano

Here are my personal favorites, thought is was difficult to choose only few (please, visit "Mr Toledano: Fashion" to see all photos)

I want to write about two more Phillip's projects. After watching these photos you have a feeling that you know the photographer personally, that you feel what he feels... These photographs have feelings. They are real.

"These photographs of phone sex operators were taken in their homes, often in the room they worked. They opened their doors to a stranger and wrote courageously about their experiences."

~ Phillip Toledano

"...I think it's easier to release repressed desires to a non-judgmental, fictional person, because there are no consequences in the outside world."

"...I thought I was being professional, not sexy.
This work is customer service. It's just your customers."

"...I speak to younger women.
I speak to older women.
I speak both Spanish and English.
I have been thrown offers left and right...

And the last project I want to add here is my favorite one - Days with my Father. These photos have touched my heart. I could never imagine that photographs can be so sincere and touching. Few photos from this project: (please, visit Days with my Father to see all photos and comments)

"I asked my dad to take my photo today.
I wondered if it would show how much I love him."

~ Phillip Toledano

I don't know much about Phil Toledano, I have never met him, I've contacted him only via mail - to ask for permission to use his photos, but after watching these photos I have a feeling like I know him my entire life... I do feel that I love this person with simple human love... And you know, that is a great feeling... Thank you, Phil:)

"I also believe that a photograph should be like an unfinished sentence,
there should be space for questions."

~ Phillip Toledano

Photo Copyright: Phillip Toledano


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