Does AutoZone Replace Your Car Battery?
Wednesday, 27 January 2021

When the weather turns cold, it is time to think about the battery in your vehicle. if the juice in your battery is running low, it will likely fail during a cold snap. This could leave you stranded in a parking lot or make it impossible for you to get somewhere as promised. The signs of a weak battery include difficulty starting the engine, dim lights both inside and outside the vehicle and a balky electrical system. Heading to your nearby AutoZone for free battery testing is a smart move for several reasons:

  • The testing is free
  • It only takes a moment or two
  • It tells you the state of your battery
  • It is accurate
  • It puts you in contact with the experts
You are at a great place to deal with battery issues. If the battery is technically sound, you can get it charged back up to full power. If not, you can get advice on what battery to buy for your vehicle. You will have dozens of quality options to keep your car running for years.

How To Choose the Best Battery

Finding the right auto battery for your vehicle is not super difficult, but there are a few tricks to the process. The first step is to find the batteries available for your make and model of vehicle. This will narrow down your choices. Then you might want to consider your budget. In general, a more powerful battery costs more and lasts longer. If you don't plan on having your auto for very long, you probably want a more basic battery. If you plan on driving this vehicle for several years, then it makes more sense to go all out and pay a little extra. It is also smart to look at the warranty, as this will give you an idea of how long the battery is expected to last. Other considerations include the type of climate you live in and your driving habits. When all else fails, talk to friends, experienced drivers or an AutoZone representative.

How To Install the Battery

Even if you are not a skilled mechanic, installing your own battery will make you feel like one. The process is pretty simple, and usually just involves a couple of tools and about 15 minutes. Your hands will transform your vehicle from an inert hunk of metal to a fully-functioning road machine. There are two main types of batteries when it comes to installation: a top post and a side post. The steps are similar though some of the components might be in different spots. Both require that you take some safety precautions such as parking the car on level ground and wearing gloves and safety glasses. With the car off, disconnect the negative and positive terminals. Remove the battery and clean the terminals. Put the new battery in place , connect the terminals and test the ignition.
If you are looking for a premium Duralast battery or some hardware for your battery, your local auto store has a number of valuable services and products to keep your vehicle running. It is a great way to be prepared for winter cold.
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