Five Things That Determine Auto Shipping Costs
Thursday, 03 September 2020

 If you are moving or relocating to a new city but have no idea how to ship your car to your destination, this article will make things simple for you.


 Auto shipping is a transport service that many people opt for when they do not wish to drive their vehicles long distances. Obviously, who wants to burn fuel and get tired of driving on long routes? 

The other best part of auto transportation or shipping services is offering insurance coverage if any damage occurs to your car during the transit. But you may wonder how much it would cost if you are shipping your vehicle for the first time. Here are listed some significant factors that will help you in determining the final cost.


If you are moving to major cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Boston, the transportation cost will be much less compared to transporting to a rural area. The reason being, the routes for moving to a metro-city are often the regular highway and inter-city routes.

However, the rural or remote locations require traveling additional miles through long routes or internal-narrow routes. It consumes excess fuel, leading to an increase in the cost of transportation.

Delivery Time-frame

It is certain, the faster you expect delivery, the more expensive it may get. Auto shipping services ship the vehicles either on a trailer or transport trucks. They require a specific number of cars for shipping. Unless the fleet is full, they do not ship the vehicles.

If you wish to get expedited delivery, then you must plan your schedule. If you push the shipping company for faster delivery, then you may have to incur additional charges. But if you are flexible enough with your delivery time-frame, then you will only have to pay the regular transportation fees.

Open or Enclosed Transportation

Do you own a classic vehicle or a vintage car? Or a sports vehicle? Then shipping these high-end car models in enclosed transportation is much safer than in open ones. The shipping cost differs a lot when shipping with open transport. It is much cheaper than the enclosed shipping service.

Furthermore, you may also have to opt for additional insurance coverage if you are shipping a super-end model. According to the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners), every auto shipping company must provide an insurance cover, but you may not be covered completely. Hence, many people go for enclosed transportation to ship their high-end cars, which is comparatively more expensive than open-air transportation.

Size and Weight of the Vehicle

It is a common factor that affects auto transportation costs. Compact and smaller vehicles occupy limited space, whereas SUVs fit only into the container. Also, the weight of the car affects the carrying capacity of the trailer.

So, when shipping your car with an auto-shipping company, consider these points when asking for quotes.


Like every other business, shipping services also have their peak-season. Shipping vehicles in the winter season is comparatively more expensive than shipping in summers. During winters, many retirees move to the southern states, which leads to traffic, and the road conditions are also poor due to snowfall.
Hence, shipping the vehicles in summer is a much better option than shipping during winters. You can also pre-schedule auto transportation; some companies offer a discount for booking in advance.
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