Five Tips to Keeping Your Car Sparkling Clean This Winter

For many motorists, keeping their vehicle clean and tidy is a way of showing pride and dignity in their investment. It’s also a way to ensure that the value of their investment — especially in vehicles that cost tens of thousands of dollars — does not decrease rapidly over the coming years. In this piece, we’re going to look at the five main ways you can keep your car squeaky clean, inside and out, throughout the winter months.

Vacuum Cleaning

When the winter months roll in, there is a great amount of detritus and leaf litter that will inevitably make its way into your car footwell. If you have children, you can multiply the amount of debris and organic material in your car five-fold. The solution is simple: a hand-held, battery-powered vacuum cleaner. It’s easy to store in the trunk of your car, should you need it at any point in your journey or at any point in your day.

Steamy Windows

Another issue that you’ll regularly find in the winter months is that your windows steam up — both inside and outside — due to different temperatures acting on the glass. The phenomenon is most common when you enter your car damp from the rain: that moisture evaporates from your body, and fixes to the car windows. You can purchase special window cleaning products to minimize the impact of steamy winter windows and to remove hand or fingerprints from the glass.

Interior Panels

Meanwhile, the rest of your interior consists of your upholstery and your plastic paneling. This is the majority of your interior, and it’s going to be subject to scruffs, scrapes and the wipes of dirty feet and clothing over the course of its lifespan. What is the best way to clean your car’s interior? Well, naturally, it’s all about the products you choose. You’re looking to maintain the elegance of your automobile, keeping upholstery clean, shining and undamaged, and to achieve this you need special leather treatment products to truly maintain your car’s beautiful interior.


Moving outside the vehicle now, and we’re coming down to focus on the wheels. Why the wheels in particular? Well, it rains a good deal more in the winter, which keeps much of the body of your car clean. This can’t be said for the wheels though, which pick up all the dirt and debris from the road over time. Your hubcaps and wheels will need both a long soak in boiling soapy water, and a high-pressure jet wash to return to their shiny best.


As well as being important for safety on the roads, your lights are also what make your car look stylish and attractive when the winter months draw in and the nights get longer. You’ll be driving in the dark far more often in the winter, so you need to ensure that your lights are perfectly cleaned, and this only requires a quick wipe each day in order to keep your car squeaky clean.
These five tips will help you maintain perfect car cleanliness through the wetter and darker winter months that lie ahead.
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