Free VIN Check before Buying a Used Car
Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The first of many other advantages people consider when buying a used car is the money they can save by doing that. Indeed, you can enjoy quality transportation and the same level of satisfaction a new car will give if you buy the right used car. To get the right new car, VIN check is very important.

There are several checks you should make before buying a used car; VIN check is one of the most important ones. The report you will get from the check will help you know the car more and make an informed decision.

What Is VIN?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. It is a 17-digit alpha-numeric code that is stamped in the chassis of a car. The VIN code is unique to each vehicle and helps to identify it from other vehicles. No two cars in the world have the same VIN, which is the major reason it is fondly referred to as the DNA of the car. Some also call it the social security of the car.

To make each car's VIN unique, a set of rules is followed. The first three digits pertain to the country of manufacture; the next six digits relate to the make and model of the car, as well as information about what parts and accessories come with it, while the last eight digits represent the real number of the car, which is unique.

What Details Can You Get From A VIN Check?

You can expect to get the full history of a car from a VIN check. That is actually the essence of a VIN check; to know about the past of the car and base your decision on the information you get. You will know about the accident history of the car, as well as the extent of the accidents. Among other details you can get from a VIN check are:

‚óŹ The last mileage report of the car
‚óŹ The number of previous owners
‚óŹ Safety recalls
‚óŹ Stolen status
‚óŹ Service history of the car

Do You Really Need A VIN Check Before Buying Any Used Car?

Yes, you really need to perform a VIN check before buying any used vehicle. You need to know the basic history of any vehicle you intend to buy, and you can’t do that by simply looking at how it looks or believing whatever the dealer tells you.

That a car looks really nice and sounds great doesn't mean it is in great shape. It might have been refurbished after a serious accident. There are several other details that determine the value of a car, including service history. It is also possible that a really nice used car was actually stolen from the original owner and ended up in a dealership. You should know all the important things about the vehicle you want to buy, and the best way to do that is to carry out a VIN check.

What Are The Specific Benefits Of VIN Check?

If you have followed our discussion seriously, you can quickly point out the benefits of conducting a VIN check on a used vehicle before buying it. For the sake of emphasis, here are specific benefits you will get:
  • You will know the actual mileage of the car and whether the odometer has been tampered with
  • You will know if it is a stolen vehicle
  • You will find out the car’s title document type
  • You will know if the car has had a safety recall
  • You will know if the car has been in a traffic accident and the level of damages it had suffered in the past
  • You will know if it is a flooded car
  • You will know the year of first purchase and whether it had been used as a personal or business vehicle
  • You will know the number of previous owners, as it doesn’t make sense to buy a vehicle that has been used by so many people
  • You will know if the airbags have ever been deployed.
  • You will find out the true service history of the car

How Do You Get A Free VIN Check?

There are different ways to get a VIN check on a used vehicle you want to buy. The VIN is ideally stamped on the chassis of the car, and you can copy or snap it. Once you have the number, you can get a VIN check that will provide a complete and reliable history report from The process is straightforward: enter or scan the VIN, click check, and that is it. With your detailed vehicle history report, you can make safe and informed buying decisions when purchasing a used car.


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