How to choose the Best Cheap Hybrid Bikes

It can be tricky to choose the best cheap hybrid bikes that meet your needs considering that there are various brands out there. But if you want an easy and affordable way to enjoy your ride, look for a bike that suits your preferences. Remember that these hybrid bikes have some variations, meaning they are designed for specific uses. Comfort bikes have a visual appeal and easy-to-use features such as suspension systems and cushier saddles though they might be slower for some people.


If you intend to use these hybrid bikes for commuting in the city or anywhere else, perhaps the city and commuter hybrid bikes are your best option. This is because they have useful features like lights, bells, racks, and kickstands, which are ideal for the streets. As you can see, the best cheap hybrid bike usually depends on how you wish to use it. Therefore, you can choose a suitable bike based on its features. This article will discuss what you should look out for before purchasing a cheap hybrid bike.

Cheap hybrid bike features

As explained earlier, to determine the best cheap hybrid bikes suitable for you depends largely on how you want to use it. Hence, you should consider whether you want to ride it in paved pathways, cities, or smooth streets for an exercise. Once you figure out this, then look out for specific features installed on a hybrid bike to determine if the bike is ideal for the type of riding you want to use it for. Below are some of the most important features to check out before purchasing a hybrid bike:

Wheel size

Most of the hybrid bikes have a standard wheel size of 700c. This wheel size is wider than the ones on a road bike but a bit narrower compared to the mountain bike wheels. For this reason, this size is suitable for riding in slightly tough terrains.

Other bikes come with a wheel size of 24 to 38c which is smaller than the standard wheel sizes. When looking for a hybrid bike, the wheel size doesn’t matter a lot, rather focus on the type of bike that meets the riding style you want to use it for.


Gears are important features of a hybrid bike. These bikes come with a wide range of gears, usually from one to more than 27. Therefore, when choosing the right type of a hybrid bike, you should consider the terrain you would be riding and your fitness level. Here is why this is crucial. If you will be using the bike in the hills and you are not experienced, you need to have a hybrid bike with more gears.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced biker or you will be using the bike in flat terrain, a bike with few low gears can be ideal. Besides, with few gears, your bike will be light. Some hybrid bikes feature only a single speed and are called single-speed hybrid bikes. These bicycles have a freewheel system located in the rear hub to enable you to ride in the same way as a standard bike that has several gears.

Bike suspension

Most hybrid bikes don’t have suspensions, making them more efficient. The problem with suspension forks is that they have more weight to make pedaling more challenging. This is especially true for bikers who use smooth streets and paved bike pathways.

However, some hybrid bikes, particularly urban bikes feature front suspension forks. These allow such bikes to absorb impacts while riding on rough terrain.

Brake types

Many hybrid bikes have rim brakes that come with brake pads to hold onto the wheels. The good news is these brake pads are economical, easy to see and replace when they are worn out.

For the hybrid bikes with disk brakes, their brake pads hold onto a brake rotor that is installed on the wheel hub. Hybrid bikes have two types of disc brakes which are hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic disc brakes are stronger and they self-adjust to correspond with the brake pad wear. However, mechanical disc brakes require manual adjusting when the pads wear.

Materials for bike frames

Many of the frames for hybrid bikes are made up of aluminum, though you can also find some with carbon fiber and steel. Since each of the materials has its benefits, you should make the right choice before purchasing a hybrid bike.
  • Aluminum. This is a strong, light, and affordable material. With the latest construction techniques, hybrid bikes with aluminum frames have great shock absorption.
  • Steel. This is a lot heavier than aluminum frames, but they provide a comfortable and smooth ride because they have strength and flex.
  • Carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is lighter compared to aluminum but stronger than steel. While it’s one of the most popular choices for many people, they are regarded as more expensive. To keep the bikes affordable, manufacturers usually use carbon fiber forks or seat posts instead of manufacturing the entire frame using carbon.
Handlebar shapes

Before purchasing a hybrid bike, you should think about the level of handlebars and the seat. The rule of the thumb is that if the seat is farther away below the handlebars, the ride is usually more comfortable. Thankfully, many types of hybrid bikes are manufactured in this way. Below are some basic types of handlebar shapes available on the market:
  • Drop bar. These handlebars are common on road bikes but you can also find them on hybrid bikes. They are preferred by most people because they are lightweight, making it easier to ride fast. Even better, they give you multiple hands and riding positions.
  • Flat bar. Most hybrid bikes have these handlebars which are heavier compared to drop-bars. These handlebars allow you to have a relaxed position to help you to see the terrain better. Because you will be riding in an upright position, these handlebars reduce strain on your shoulders, hands, and wrists.
  • Riser bar. These handlebars are also found in most hybrid bikes. They help you to ride in an upright position and farther back for a clear vision of the terrain.
  • Moustache bar. These handlebars resemble drop bars and they allow you to have several hand positions while riding upright.
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