Preparing Your Vehicle for Cross-Country Shipping: A Step-By-Step Guide
Friday, 08 January 2021

There may come a time in your life when you’ll need to dig up your roots and start over in an unfamiliar place. Perhaps a new job requires you to relocate, or a family member joined the military and has been issued a transfer. If you aren’t a homeowner yourself, a college acceptance letter may kickstart your moving journey. Regardless of the circumstances, boxing up every essential belonging, precious keepsake, and stray knick-knack is a necessary step in making your final destination a forever home. Failure to do so will demote these mementos to the nearest dumpster.

As you bubble wrap glass mugs and other breakables, transporting larger must-haves may fall off your radar. That said, don’t forget to add car shipping tasks to your moving to-do list. Remember, driving your car across the country is time-consuming and wallet-draining. On the other hand, recruiting an experienced auto transportation service allows you to focus on more critical aspects of moving, and ensures your vehicle reaches its destination damage-free.

As one of your most valued possessions, it’s natural to be skeptical about shipping your vehicle. Although auto transportation offers numerous benefits, it also presents a few risks. Unforeseen weather conditions and bumper-to-bumper traffic increases the possibility of an accident, especially if you opt for open-carrier shipping methods.

To reduce your vehicle’s chances of sustaining damage, owners should exercise precaution before handing over their keys. Those vehicle owners preparing to ship their automobiles thousands of miles should refer to the pre-shipping checklist provided below.

Wash your vehicle

Be sure to clean your car inside and out before it’s in a handler’s possession. For some services, this is a mandatory step. Cleaning beforehand also takes some pressure off homeowners dealing with moving-related chaos once it arrives at your destination free of anxiety-inducing clutter. Additionally, a clean car allows you to spot out any scratches that the transportation process caused.

Remove extraneous belongings

Comb through the interior of your vehicle and remove all valuable or unessential items. Sunglasses, wallets, or purses should never be left unattended. You should also discard water bottles, trash, and charging cables.
Store any items you wish to leave behind in the trunk of the vehicle. That way, car thieves won’t flock to your vehicle in search of a quick buck. Additionally, be sure to remove all exterior accessories such as bike racks, luggage boxes, and aftermarket additions.

Take note of pre-existing damage

Once your car is clean, document all current exterior damage. Drivers can record paint chips, dents, and scratches in the form of pictures and records. It’s improbable that your car will sustain expensive damage during transportation, especially if you entrust a reputable auto transport provider with your vehicle. However, taking this precaution can reduce your risk of incurring additional costs even further.

Empty the fuel tank

A full tank of gas adds weight to the transport truck, increasing a vehicle’s shipping costs. A full tank is also a fire hazard that can quickly spell disaster for an underprepared vehicle owner. Experts recommended emptying the car until it’s a quarter of a tank full.

Complete basic maintenance

Although a car hauler will take care of the heavy lifting, it’s still necessary to ensure your vehicle runs up to standard. Check your vehicle for any major mechanical issues, and make sure to address fluid leaks. For hassle-free shipping, car owners should do their due diligence and check their vehicle’s tire pressure, battery power, and mileage.

Review and archive the bill of lading


The bill of lading acts as a legal contract that documents the shipping route, your car’s condition upon pickup, and any specific notes or issues with the vehicle. Read this contract thoroughly to avoid any confusion in the future. Because this contract functions as a receipt, file away the bill of lading for safekeeping. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to clear up any questions surrounding payment or arrival time.

Wave goodbye

Moving is stressful enough without concerns about your motor vehicle accidents and shipping-related cosmetic damage at the forefront of your focus. By investing in an experienced auto transportation service, you can ensure your prized possession is handled with care. Once you take the proper precautions, auto transportation experts will safely deliver your vehicle to its new home. In no time, you’ll find yourself running errands and establishing a daily routine in your scratch-free automobile.
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