The Oldest Cars Still in Production Today

Car manufacturers are always looking for the next innovation, but some models are so successful that the adage ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ rings truer than ever.

They might have had the odd facelift and update as the years have gone on, but these eight car models have stood the test of time and can still be bought today!
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Toyota Corolla

The Japanese manufacturer’s nameplate has sold more units than any other model in the world and is now on its 12th generation since being introduced in 1966!
Ford Mustang
This American muscle icon first hit the road in 1965 and has been in high demand ever since. The GT, Mach 1, Cobra and Bullitt nameplates are all also associated with the Mustang, which now has a future as an all-electric SUV.
Porsche 911
Produced since 1963, this German sports car titan has, like the Mustang, gone by many other names over the years, but the famous coding has remained central, with over one million luxury speedsters sold worldwide.
Mercedes-Benz SL
The first SL model was the stunning ‘Gullwing’ car, with doors opening upwards to mimic a bird’s wingspan. It has featured in several movies since then and modern models have retained that sense of charm and class.
Chevrolet Corvette
The eighth generation Corvette was launched in 2020 and featured a switch to mid-engine structure after decades of rear-mounted powertrains. The Corvette’s enduring appeal has seen it become the subject of several pop songs.
Toyota Land Cruiser
More than 10 million Land Cruisers have been sold and Toyota’s four-wheel-drive classic is now in its 70th year of production. The idea to build an off-roader began when an American Jeep was discovered by the Japanese Army during its occupation of the Philippines.
Ford F-Series
Ford’s flagship truck model has moved through 13 generations since it first hit the market in 1948. That first F-Series could be purchased as a pickup, panel or conventional truck – and even as a school bus!
Chevrolet Suburban
The Chevy Suburban is now in its 87th year of production and has its own Hollywood Walk of Fame star as recognition for its appearance in over 1,700 films and TV shows down the years.


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