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Tips for Finding Affordable Classic Cars
Friday, 11 June 2021

The concept of owning a historic car is a pipe dream for most automobile enthusiasts. With specific historical automobile models costing millions of dollars, finding affordable muscle cars may appear to be impossible. Regardless of what you see on the auction table, you can find a historic car for a reasonable price. Not all cheap historical automobiles will match your needs, but there are some great classics that are both affordable and exciting.

You don't have to give up your desire to purchase classic cars, but you may need to adjust your expectations. Remember that getting a cheap classic vehicle or another form of a classic car is not the same as buying a daily driver. Certain old automobiles can be excellent assets, so you're not only fulfilling a personal want; you're also diversifying your investment portfolio.

Here are some pointers on how to include a vintage automobile in your portfolio for enjoyment or profit:

Purchase what you desire

The first criterion is the same as for any other form of a collectible: choose a vehicle for its personal and emotional appeal rather than solely as a source of wealth. Whether the model is a 1950s Chevy truck or a 1980s Ford Bronco SUV, find a model from your favorite country, be it Italian cars or German vehicles, in your budget that you will like riding and possessing. The idea behind this is that you will have gotten your money's worth in terms of emotional value even if the car never becomes financially successful.

Purchase the best vehicle you can afford

Collectible automobile specialists advise staying away from vehicles that require a lot of work or have more question marks than exclamation points. Having a historic car restored or simply repainted might be prohibitively expensive, so don't even consider doing it yourself unless you're an expert at fixing and renewing ancient automobiles. Give any model you're considering a thorough test drive, and have an expert mechanic inspect it to verify you're receiving precisely what you're paying for.

Keep an eye on a vehicle's history

Ensure any classic automobile you're considering has a lot of documentation, with verifiable provenance being a big plus. Keep an eye out for uniqueness rather than popularity: the fewer copies of a model made or the rarity of a certain option combination provided with a vehicle, the more valuable it is to collectors.

Ensure that the vehicle is adequately insured

Most traditional auto insurance companies, as well as specialty carriers like Hagerty, will cover collectible cars. However, don't expect your current auto insurance coverage to cover the entire market worth of a vintage vehicle. You'll need collector car insurance with a guaranteed value or agreed-upon value policy that specifies the vehicle's value upfront. A normal coverage will only cover a vehicle's "book value," which for an older automobile could imply little more than salvage status.

Take it all in

Finally, please don't treat your new old car as a museum piece, no matter how much you spent on it. Even if a historical model is carefully stored, it will deteriorate over time if it is not driven. To keep a classic vehicle in good form, you'll need to "exercise" it now and then. When the weather permits, experts agree that the best thing you can do for a valued classic car is to take it out of storage and take it through its tests on the motorway. There is no other investment that offers such a high level of return on investment.

Complete your homework

Don't fall in love with the first attractive model that catches your sight, as is the smart course of action while looking for a daily vehicle. Some vehicles with excellent outward appeal may not be worth the asking price. To find out how much a specific make and model is worth. For example, if you find out a 1973 Datsun 240Z for sale, look up for auction outcomes from renowned auction showrooms as well as online automobile value leaders and private listings.
To identify owners selling specific makes and models on your radar, contact local enthusiast automobile organizations. Always acquire a classic car from a trustworthy dealer, and never buy or place a deposit on one without seeing it first.
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