Why Truck Accident Victims Need Representation?
Thursday, 11 February 2021

Truck accidents result in more injuries and damage because of the bigger size of the vehicle involved. The chances of death and the magnitude of injuries increases tremendously when an accident is caused by a truck thereby multiplying the expenses on treatment, says a Houston accident attorney from the Law Offices of Alexander M. Gurevich.

Approaching an accident lawyer in Houston TX can ensure that the victims get adequate compensation for their injuries and mental and emotional troubles.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data reveals that of the total 499,000 crashes of large trucks reported to the police in 2018, 4,415 or 1% were fatal and 107,000 or 21% were injury crashes. The data also showed that 30% of work zone fatal crashes and 10% of work zone injury crashes involved at least one big truck. Several factors including bad roads, driver fatigue, overloading and irresponsible driving can be identified as the major causes for truck accidents.


Who is Responsible for Truck Accidents?

The responsibility for a truck accident or crash may lie with the driver, the trucking company, the loading company or the company responsible for the maintenance of the truck. Mistake by even one of them can lead to an accident. As per FMCSA norms, all drivers operating commercial motor vehicles have to comply with the ‘hours of service’ which refers to the maximum number of hours a driver can work in a week. The failure to do so can make them fatigued and result in accidents. Car & truck accident lawyers in Houston are aware about the various rules and regulations and so can help to identify the cause of such accidents. They can also educate the victims about the compensation entitlements and seek compensation on their behalf.

Determination of Liability Is a Must

The determination of liability associated with a truck or a car accident involves a thorough examination and analysis of the crash site. A thorough checking of the vehicles involved in the accident including the black box data is a must to identify the cause of the accident. Accident lawyers in Houston TX will consider these findings and file for compensation on their client’s behalf. The compensation amount will depend on the nature and extent of injuries recorded by a victim and the possible plan of treatment. Injuries which may render the victim incapable of carrying on his normal work or join his job need to be taken into account. Additional compensation may be sought in such cases.

Dealing with Liable Parties

Trucking companies have expert lawyers on their payroll who will try to negotiate a settlement with the injured. Self-negotiation with the culprits may result in the payout of inadequate compensation that cannot pay for your full treatment or loss of salary or productivity. Such situations can be better handled with the help of lawyers in Houston for auto accidents who will do the necessary calculations and make a claim. Truck accident claims are generally much more than a car accident claim because of the massive size of the trucks and the resultant damage. Studies have shown that victims of truck accidents need more extensive medical treatment and in many cases even long-term medical care.
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