I had the Best Wedding Photographer for my D-day from UrbanClap

Like every other girl on this earth, I also had lot and lot of dreams for my wedding. I even decided how to manage everything on my D-day. I have been preparing these things in my mind, since my childhood and when the time came I was really happy but a little nervous too. It was a traditional arranged marriage and everyone in my house was so happy. My siblings were the most excited ones on the earth and my parents were busy deciding the guest list and the other preparations to be done. In the scene we missed the most important person, the Wedding Photographer.

Wedding Photography



Yes indeed he was the most important as I wanted me to have the most beautiful wedding memories which can delight both my parents and me whenever I will go through them. Then I also had to have the best Videographer to but I was aiming for someone who must be professional at both the things. The combination can do miracles, but if you can find one such person with both the skills that too is a miracle. As most of the Wedding Photographers can’t make the amazing video tapes which must have thought of, people tend to get separate Wedding Photographer and Videographer. But our budget was limited and so we had to choose one with both the skills.


UrbanClap turned out to be the Best Source

Since, we already had went to a lot of studios and still were unable to find the best for my marriage, we thought that we had to compromise for that ordinary Wedding Photographer in bangalore. But to my relief, UrbanClap came to scene that very day. One of my closed friends gave me a visit and she was telling me about how she was able to get the best Bridal Makeup Artist from UrbanClap. I asked her whether I can get a professional Wedding Photographer from UrbanClap. She said yes.
As soon as I got to know about UrbanClap, It just took me few seconds to download the app. I signed up there entering few of my basic details and the location preferences, and to my utter surprise I got a number of Professional wedding photographers flashing on the screen of my smart phone.
I sent them personal messages asking for their quotes. They sent me their portfolios and their price quotes. After filtering the whole list on the basis of our budget, the requirements we had and their portfolios. We arranged few face to face meetings with few of them and among them we found the one whom we were, actually I was searching for.

What I liked About It?

UrbanClap unlike other apps connects the user directly to the service provider and is quite easy to use. I found the navigation really smooth and finding a professional there was really very easy. In fact whom so ever I called was so polite and understanding, but the one I hired was amazing.
The person assured us that we will get the best photographs of each and every ceremony and he will be getting us the amazing DVDs of my marriage ceremony. At first everyone was a bit confused, but he assured us for the best. His portfolio forced me to get him hired and yes, he added some of the best works to his portfolio again.
The Wedding Photographs of me as the bride were just perfect. He captured almost everyone in each of the ceremonies and none of the pictures looked blurred or clicked at wrong timings. Every single picture was perfect and DVD s forced me to believe that it wasn’t my marriage it was the marriage of some celebrity. Everything was well organised and perfect. I really loved his work.

Finding the best Wedding Photographer on UrbanClap

Finding the best you are looking for is much easier at UrbanClap. I found the best wedding photographer on this app only. At first it looked like a tedious job but it wasn’t at all. I just went through the reviews and ratings of some of the Wedding Photographers I chose and picked the ones with the best reviews and ratings.
In the meeting, I asked a lot of questions and on the basis of the satisfactory answers I received I confirmed the one. He was the correct choice for me and he proved to be the best at his work. I was too much impressed with the work of Mr. Ayandip Chakrobarty from Panache Studios. He and his team did a fantastic job. I will recommend him to every single person who is getting married or planning to marry soon. His work will for sure make you bite your fingers.



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