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Saint Valentine's Day: Best Gift for Your Beloved
Monday, 08 February 2010

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. You may say that it is too early to think about that! I can disagree. What is few days when you need to find a gift for the most important person in the world? That is nothing! So it’s better to start now – without any rush and with all your love!

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First of all think what will be interesting to your lover. Think about his/her interests. What will be important, meaningful and especial? This first step is the most important – if you put all your love into that - you’ll never fail with your gift. And the second moment - be original!

So if you think well – there will be no need to read this post any more:) But if you are still interested I will share some gift ideas for Saint Valentine’s Day:)

1. Romantic Breakfast Smile

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Be original, don’t wait till evening comes! Start in the morning. The whole day will be full of romance! Wake your sweetheart with passionate kiss! Make some virgin cocktails and cook something new and unusual. Name your new dish with your beloved name. And take the day off at your office – now you can spend the whole day together and enjoy it to its fullest.

2. Flowers

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Flowers are classic, but I could not miss them. Flowers is a must have for this holiday. But still you can be original as well. Go to the florists and choose natural flowers in a flowerpot. They won’t fade as cut flowers, instead they will remind about your love for a long time.

3. Photo Gift

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Find your couple photo and create some unusual design. It maybe historical idea, art, space, humor or just a dream place. It’s up to your imagination. If you are not good at photo design - find a professional. But if you know some skills and both of you are humorous guys - you may try to do it yourself.

4. Memorabilia

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Make some kind of an album or a scrap box of your relationship history. Put there all the romantic things that remind you about your relationships. It may be photos, letters, cards, toys, tickets etc… It will be really nice for you to sit and share your memories while reviewing them.

5. Gift ??ertificate on …You

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You are the best gift! So give yourself! But make it funny. Sign a gift certificate. Wear a gift bow! You may even pack yourself into a big box and order a delivery to his/her place! You’ll never fail with this gift :)

6. Funny Cuddly Toy

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Classic once again. But try to choose toy that looks like your beloved. It should be sweet and funny. Or you may try to find toys of your couple. But I think there is no need for long explanations. It’s a classic gift :)

7. Web Gift

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Now when internet is a really big part of our life you can make a web gift! Create a site and write there your love messages, thoughts, ideas, dreams…Do it everyday, or every hour, or every minute! And give it to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. You still have enough time to do that! Start right now!

8. Love Mattress

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I just love this idea. I’ve found it recently on one inventor’s site. The Love Mattress offers a simple solution to the limp arms that often follow a lovers’ embrace. So simple and perfect! This gift is practical and romantic at once.

9. Jewelry

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What can I say! “Diamonds are the girl’s best friends!” Especially on Valentine’s Day. If you want to make a proposing or just to give a precious gift – that’s the best occasion.

10. Love Cards

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Don’t forget about love cards! Find the best words! Take them from your heart, find them in your soul. You can even compose a poem and write it in the love card! Express your feelings, say about your love loudly! Be sincere, be romantic, be passionate! Don’t hide your love because your love is the most precious and the most important gift ever!


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