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6 Things You Should Know About Liposuction
Tuesday, 16 March 2021

The most popular plastic surgery treatment on the planet is liposuction. It's a procedure for removing troublesome fat deposits from parts of the body that are resistant to a healthy diet and regular exercise. The thighs, knees, waist, face, back, buttocks, and breasts are all sculpted and transformed using liposuction. It's important to understand the truth about liposuction, so you are able to set reasonable goals and have a more positive outlook on results. The following are 6 things you should known about liposuction.

Will There be Any Pain or Bruising after Surgery?

You may be sedated with general or local anesthesia during the operation. A local anesthetic is often injected into the liposuction region by doctors. After treatment, this can eventually wear off, and you can experience nausea or slight pain. There may even be bruising in the region. These signs usually go away within a couple of days. Pain medication is usually prescribed by the surgeon.

Is Liposuction a Good Option for Me?

Ideal candidates are in good shape and have a weight that is close to their ideal. This means they don't smoke, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly, for the most part. Candidates are generally healthy, but they have stubborn fat in specific areas of their bodies. Fat is typically located between the muscle and the skin.
Plastic surgeons will examine the condition of the patient's skin, during the consultation, to decide whether liposuction is the right solution. Liposuction is often recommended for patients who have skin that is very elastic. This procedure is not usually advised for patients who have sagging skin or cellulite, particularly because it can create uneven skin.

Will I Lose Weight?

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure, despite public opinion. Instead, it's a fat-reduction treatment that is designed to remove fat during one procedure. The amount removed in an operation varies based on a range of reasons, such as the surgeon's evaluation of the patient's wellbeing as well as their cosmetic goals.

How Should I Prepare for Liposuction Surgery?

Cosmetic surgeons will advise you on what needs to be done before surgery. However, it's best to recruit the help of a trustworthy parent or acquaintance who will accompany you in the whole process, both before and after liposuction surgery. Before the treatment, specific drugs, such as blood thinners, must be discontinued prior to surgery. Additionally, blood work is often conducted to determine whether the patient is well enough for anesthesia.

What Kind of Results Should I Expect?

Plastic surgeons will assist you in projecting and envisioning realistic outcomes. Swelling and loosening of the skin are possible side effects of surgery. Seeing the full scope of the procedure's results will span a couple of weeks, if not months.
After liposuction, you can be assured the fat cells will be permanently eliminated. It's important to bear in mind, however, that additional fat cells will emerge after surgery. This is why maintaining a healthier lifestyle, a well-balanced diet, and an exercise routine is so important. This will aid in the prevention of additional fat accumulation.

Where Can I Find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Texas?

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