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"Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got."

Sophia Loren

Top 7 Superfoods for Hair Growth, Health, and Shine

Do you struggle with dry and damaged hair? Does it feel like it takes you six months to grow just an inch of hair? Well, we have the hair care tips you've been looking for.

Learn Beauty Tips & Skincare Routine From MummyJene Blog

We are now in the era of beauty tips and secrets coming from everywhere. From skin experts to our friends who have tried everything literally off the shelves, unsolicited advice is everywhere, especially when you have an obvious skin problem. It's easy to get frustrated and impatient with your journey to achieve your skincare goals even though medico-esthetique has a come a long way.But before you throw away your skincare products or restart a completely new skin regimen, consider possible reasons why your beauty routine is failing.

5 Things You Can Start Doing Now to Look Younger

 There is a never-ending quest to look and feel younger without growing old. It is something that plagued many cultures for ages and none of us are immune to its charms. You name it, from plastic surgery, all sorts of potions, to miracle creams, solutions to remedy old age are always on the horizon.

6 Ways to Treat Hyperpigmentation

 Hyperpigmentation refers to darker patches of skin, usually caused by excess melanin production. This excess production can be due to a variety of reasons, including sun damage, acne scars, and hormone changes. This skin condition is relatively common, and there are a variety of ways to treat it. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular treatments currently available.

Everything You Need to Know About Juvederm

 If you are keen about remaining young and beautiful as long as possible, you have undeniably heard about sucha legendary name in the sphere of dermal fillers as Juvederm, haven’t you? The products from the American concern Allergan in the form of a transparent and viscous gel are famous all over the world, and the global network is full of information about these remedies. Now, we will try to figure out whether the preparations are worth all the hype that stands around them.


 If you are visiting Hong Kong, or you are a resident of this bustling and super attractive city, one of the most prominent services you will notice as you move around is the Spa.

Three Subtle Cosmetic Procedures to Consider

  When you look good, you feel good: there is no denying it. Maybe, that’s why cosmetic procedures are so common around the world. These little tweaks to your appearance, with the help of a doctor, can make a big impact on your life.

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"Fear is something to be moved through, not something to be turned from."
Peter McWilliams 

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