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About Tattoo Touch Up Work
Thursday, 27 May 2021

Tattoos have long been a symbol of self-expression and the reasons for getting one can vary greatly depending on the person. Tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years and if you have ink of your own it no doubt holds a unique meaning for you. However, even the best work can need tattoo touch ups.

Why Do Tattoos Need Touch Up Work?

There are several reasons your tattoo could need touch-up work. These causes can include prolonged sun exposure, changes to the tattoo during the healing process when you first get it, and changes to your skin over time. Signs of touch-up needs include less visible detail, overall fading, less vibrancy, and the colors washing out. Your tattoo artist can also advise if any touch-ups or further work is needed.

When Does This Need To Be Done?

The timeframe for when you need tattoo touch-up work can vary greatly. If the tattoo has flaws due to the healing process when you first get it touch-ups can be required as soon as one to twelve months. With proper care and no issues with healing, it can be several years before you need any further care. The older your tattoo is the more work will be needed to restore them with tattoos several decades old being notably faded due to the passage of time and environmental factors.

How Does Touch Up Work Feel and How Long Does it Take To Heal From?

When you get your tattoo touched up the pain level can vary as well. Some people report the pain being about the same as when you first get a tattoo, some say it's some less, and others say more. The reason for such a wide range of options can depend on your pain threshold (and any changes to it), how much time has passed, and knowing in advance what to expect. The healing process doesn’t differ too much compared to the original tattooing process and should take about two to four weeks. However, it may seem less due to a smaller area of skin having to heal. The aftercare instructions are also the same as when you first get tattooed as is the overall healing process.

Final Thoughts

Your tattoos are very important and can hold a great deal of personal meaning. Touch-up work shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing. It ensures your tattoo looks as good as it should and can restore older and faded body art to the degree of detail and color they had when you first got them.
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