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Peach Perfect: How Atlantans Can Live Their Best Lives This Spring and Summer
Thursday, 01 April 2021

After months of winter, it’s time to embrace spring and dream about summer. And if your summer includes time at the lake or beach, you might be considering several lifestyle changes to help you feel more confident in your skin.

We’ve Got the Beet

Our favorite change starts in the kitchen. With a bounty of spring vegetables in season, there are so many healthful and filling recipes to experiment with. Not only will these meal ideas nourish and fuel you for anything your day brings, but you’ll also enjoy the antioxidant properties of the veggies.
Because stress and exposure to environmental toxins can break down your body’s ability to create collagen and impair your skin’s natural ability to repair itself, you might notice more fine lines, loose skin, uneven skin tone — and even cellulite. Eating meals with fresh vegetables and taking any supplements your doctor might recommend can help combat these from the inside-out.
In season right now are arugula and other salad greens like baby spinach. Radishes, too, are showing up at farmers markets and grocery shelves. They’re incredible on their own, shaved and served with a sprinkle of sea salt or a perfect addition to avocado toast for some healthy fats.
Fresh apricots are incredible in low-fat Greek yogurt. Add a dash of agave nectar or honey if you want it a little sweeter, and top with sprouted chia and flax seeds for a fat-flushing fiber boost.
And once peach season starts, you know what to do.

Get Moving

And we don’t mean exercise, although you definitely want to keep on top of that. But get your lymph moving and your blood circulating with dry brushing. There are many different dry brushes on the market. Choose one that is pliable without being scratchy, and use it dry. Bone dry. Before your bath or shower, start from the feet and work in gentle circular motions, brushing over both legs, then your arms, and finally clockwise on your belly. You want to follow your circulatory system and move toward your heart. Shower the dead skin away, moisturize directly after you step out of the water, and revel in the new skin glow.

Seek Expert Guidance

In addition to eating well and moving, there are professional procedures that can help you feel your best. We all know there’s no way to spot-treat fat accumulations with diet and exercise. Consulting with a Board-Certified plastic surgeon about liposuction or other treatment options is a great next step.
Dr. David B. Brothers is happy to consult with both men and women in Atlanta who want to target diet and exercise-resistant fat deposits and tone trouble spots. If you’re at a stable weight, and have good overall health, you’re an excellent candidate for liposuction, a body-sculpting technique that can address areas of concern like the abdomen, hips and thighs, buttocks, arms, and back.
Results of the procedure are immediate, although swelling and some bruising will be present after surgery. And, if you continue to consume a diet rich in antioxidants to encourage collagen production, you will see the small incisions become almost undetectable after they heal.

Love the Curve

The best part about southern living is that Atlantans love juicy peaches and curves. And with health-boosting practices and body-sculpting with Dr. Brothers, you can feel confident that your curves are in all the right places as you step out under the bright Georgia sky.
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