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Why is Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine Becoming So Popular?
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Today, there is a new medical world that introduces many aesthetic and regenerative medicines. Using new stem cell therapies, fat grafting, and other cell-based therapies is common. Similarly, regenerative and aesthetic drugs are also becoming popular and more familiar with time. It uses the patient's cells and repairs dead tissues and cells. It has many other benefits that make it friendly and helpful to get regulatory approvals.

In this section, we will go over aesthetic & regenerative medicine in depth to help you understand them better. So, let's get started.

Regenerative Medicines

Regenerative medicines help the body's damaged organs, cells, and tissues regrow, repair, and replace themselves. These medicines use stem cells and tissue engineering to regenerate or replace damaged organs. As a result, it is useful in a variety of injuries and has the potential to be useful in aesthetic treatments.
Regenerative medicine is a new field of medicine that has a lot of potential benefits for patients. It is not only beneficial for injuries, but it also aids in the rejuvenation of the aging process. With all of these potential benefits, more people are drawn to regenerating medicines, which vary in popularity.
So, it is an interdisciplinary field of medicine, research, and clinical application that directly targets damaged cells for repair, replacement, and regeneration of the organ's cells and tissues. These losses can occur as a result of injuries, congenital disabilities, trauma, diseases, or aging. To put it simply, it regenerates or regrows cells and tissues.
Cell therapies, gene therapy, biomedical engineering, and tissue engineering are also used in aesthetic and regenerating treatments. Furthermore, it employs traditional treatment methods such as biologics, pharmaceuticals, and devices.
As a result, all of these stem cell therapies and medicines have piqued the interest of both physicians and patients.

Benefits of Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicines

Aesthetic and regenerating drugs are now known to be used to treat damaged cells and tissues. As a result, they provide significant benefits to patients.
It aids in the relief of pain in the knees, neck, bask, and other joints caused by the formation of new tissues in specific areas. It also aids in the healing of tendons, muscles, and ligaments through the body's natural healing process.
These medications may assist you in avoiding surgery and reducing pain. With the regenerative medication, many patients have a shorter recovery time and can return to their normal routine sooner. As a result, it heals more quickly than aesthetic surgeries.
The most significant advantage of regenerative medicines is their low risk of side effects because they use body cells to grow new ones.

Examples of Aesthetic and Regenerative Therapies

Non-invasive therapies that help heal pain in various body parts are also available in aesthetic and regenerative treatments. These therapies, like regenerative medicines, operate on a similar principle. So, let's take a look at some of the aesthetic and regenerative therapies.

Acoustic SoftWave®

Acoustic SoftWave® therapy is the low-intensity shock waves directly applied to the targeted area of damaged cells and tissues. It stimulates the stem cells and divides them to release the exosomes that cause the healing factors. These healing factors include immediate pain relief, regeneration of nerve fibers, collagen production, and new vessel formulation.
The direct application of acoustic SoftWave® is best for treating muscle or joint pains due to erectile dysfunction, genital discomfort, chronic or acute wounds, and many more. However, these SoftWaves® stimulate the pain in the body, and your body will feel the traumatic incident, but it stimulates the body's self-healing abilities. This therapy provides a noticeable reduction in pain and promotes faster healing inside the body wounds.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Clitoral reduction therapy includes the excess folds of the clitoral hood that reduce clitoral hood reduction. Most commonly, this process is done with labiaplasty treatment.
The extra folds of the clitoral hood create a bulge that increases when there is a reduction in labia minora. But the decline in clitoral helps to provide a balance in the appearance. Every patient has different levels of tissues, so there is a wide variation in clitoral folds.
It is best to perform this procedure with the labiaplasty treatment. Without labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction may result in a top-heavy look. But both treatments together provide the best balance.


Another term for vaginal rejuvenation is labiaplasty. Labiaplasty treatment includes the use of a laser radiofrequency, which is similar to ultrasound. These waves contain energy that aids in vaginal tightening and the elimination of dryness. Remember that labiaplasty surgery can help reduce the size of the labia minora.
Labiaplasty does not require the use of an energy device, so you must consult with your plastic surgeon to have the procedure performed.
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