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Why Is Gynecomastia Surgery So Popular Among Men?
Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Gynecomastia is a condition in which a man's breast tissue enlarges or swells. Out of control male estrogen or testosterone levels are the common reasons for this condition. It can have a variety of effects on the breasts. To learn more about this condition, the following is a general overview.

What are Some of its Causes?

Many factors may trigger the imbalance in estrogen and testosterone that causes male breast development. This condition is caused by a variety of factors, including changes in the body including adolescence and aging. The following are some other causes of this condition:
  • Testicular injuries or disorders
  • Thyroid issues, since the gland's hormones regulate growth and secondary sex development.
  • Cancer
  • Overweight or obesity, which can affect hormone levels
  • Illegal drug use
  • Renal failure
  • Liver abnormalities
  • Certain medications, such as anti-androgens, anabolic steroids, and heart medications

How is it Diagnosed?

To confirm that you have this condition, your doctor will inspect to see if you have skin issues, lumps, or fluid leakage. They will also ask you questions pertaining to your medical history, such as any ailments or legal and illegal drug use. A variety of tests will be conducted, including a mammogram, blood tests, or biopsy, to determine if you have the condition.

Are There Treatments Available?

Your doctor will more than likely refer you to an endocrinologist to help treat the condition. The type of treatment for this condition depends on your age, the length of time you've had the disorder, your health, and your reaction to specific medications. Enlarged male breasts that occurs during adolescence typically resolves on its own.

What Can be Done to Reduce the Size of Your Breast?

The density of extra breast tissue, in extreme circumstances, will cause the sagging of the breasts as well as spreading of the areola. Fortunately, this can be corrected with Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction. This is a cosmetic procedure that decreases the size of a man's breasts while also flattening and improving the chest shapes. The location and size of the areola can also be changed, via cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, excess skin can be minimized.
During your consultation, the cosmetic surgeon will provide you information about the procedure. They will also show you before and after pictures so that you can see the possible outcomes.

How Long is the Recovery Process?

The recovery time for surgery is usually very short. You may experience some soreness for the first few days, but this is usually mild. In most cases, over-the-counter pain relievers are prescribed to improve discomfort.
Although some men may experience a brief loss of feeling in the chest region, in the majority of cases, maximum sensation is slowly regained over a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that the recovery time can vary depending on how quickly you heal, the degree of your surgery, and how carefully you fulfill your postoperative directions.

What Kind of Results Should You Expect?

Right away after the procedure, you'll recognize a sculpted and trimmed chest appearance, with better outcomes as post surgical swelling settles. The final result will be visible at least six months after surgery, if not sooner. You will see the same results shown in the before and after pictures, during the consultation.
If you achieve a steady body physique and refrain from using hormones or other substances that adversely affect your testosterone levels, the effects are irreversible.
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