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Libations of Life: A Girl's Guide to Life - One Cocktail at a Time
Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Dee Brun is an imaginative new writer whose decade of bartending has equipped her with the skills to stir, shake and mix with the best. In her fun new book "Libations of Life" a girl's guide to life - one cocktail at a time, Dee Brun creates a whole new fun world of witty, easy to make cocktails. Equal parts cocktail guide and relationship counselor, this could well be the funniest recipe book to hit the shelves in a while (or ever). Breaking up with Mr. Wrong? Try a "So you still want to be friends? Spritzer" or a "Plenty of fish in the sea Sling." Daters will appreciate the "He made me go dutch Daquiri," while dieters will love the low-cal cocktails like the "Control top Cosmopolitan" or the "I need to get in shape Shandy."

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Dee Brun has included laugh-out-loud tips on both cocktail mixing and men. Readers are sure to find themselves somewhere between the pages of this book. In the back section of the book, Dee has also included a comical glossary of terms, clarifying such things as "short-man syndrome", "Mr.Right", "butt cleavage" and "wing-man", just to name a few.

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Dee believes in the "KISS" philosophy when mixing up her cocktails, "Keep It Simple Sister". There are no fancy or hard to find ingredients. You won’t need special tools or a Bartending certificate of any kind. This only adds to the light heartedness and appeal of this book.

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"I had so much fun writing this book, that at times I would catch myself laughing out loud. I am not sure how to take this as the book is somewhat autobiographical. Guess I didn’t find all those bad dates quite as funny at the time, but I sure knew the cocktails were tasty."

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This book is a must for any book shelf and the best gift for any girl friend or "wingman". Trust me, when you open the book and flip through the pages, you can’t help but think of at least 10 of your girlfriends that it would be a perfect gift for. And be certain you will definitely see some of yourself inside the pages. I recommend you fix yourself one of the cocktails, sit back with some gal pals and enjoy a great laugh.

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You can visit Dee Brun website to find out more about the book. If you’ve already decided that this book is right for you then you can buy it here .


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