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5 Important VAT Rules You Should Focus On
Friday, 02 September 2022

Who is entrepreneur should be aware of the concept of what is VAT (Value Added Tax), for this is a potential strategy to reduce bureaucracy in the tax system in order to concentrate the taxation of sales of goods and services on a single charge. In addition to contributing to a more practical system for companies, there are also tools to combat tax evasion.

Tips For Gas And Oil Industry Workers
Tuesday, 23 August 2022

The oil and gas industry is potentially one of the world's most dangerous industries. The combination of powerful machinery, volatile chemicals, and high-pressure procedures can result in dangerous and even fatal catastrophes.

That's why it's critical for safety managers and supervisors to identify and communicate appropriate safety controls and dangers before work begins on each job site.
Workers are put under constant pressure to be more productive due to the high cost of drilling projects, time away from home, long work days, and high physical demands. These factors can have an impact on worker safety by increasing human error, such as equipment abuse and inconsistent practices, which can lead to an increased risk of accidents.
This article discusses various tips to help workers improve their mental state and quality of work.
7 Best Ways For Your Business To Tap To A New Market
Thursday, 03 February 2022

There are many ways for businesses to reach a new point of growth. Whether it’s introducing a new product, revamping customer service, or using social media, the options are wide open.

However, one of the most significant ways many people are ignoring is tapping into a new market. The reason for this is because it’s pretty daunting and can be potentially risky.
Freelancer's Quick Guide to Self-Employment Tax
Monday, 17 January 2022

The Self-Employment tax is determined on the Form 1040 Schedule SE. which amounts to 15.3% of a net business profit. This percentage also includes the Social Security and Medicare taxes. These taxes are usually shared with your employer, where you pay half and they pay the other have. But if you are both a freelancer and the employer, you pay both halves. This is the self-employment tax. You can ideally approach this tax via:

How Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Help You Improve Productivity
Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Industries that rely on their staff working on their feet for sustained periods can benefit hugely from anti-fatigue matting. Standing still or being on your feet for long hours can cause leg and lower back issues including muscle and joint pain as well as problems related to poor blood circulation. Here’s our guide to how a good quality anti-fatigue mat can boost productivity in your workplace.

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