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Albert Einstein

10 Facts You Should Know About Big Data
Tuesday, 28 May 2019

 With the advent of technology and evolvement of internet technologies, new terminologies are gracing the information technology world on a daily basis. “Big Data” may not be a new term to you. However, there are many green information technology sector enthusiasts who may be reading on this term in this article for the first time.

 A lot will come in mind when you come across the term “Big Data.”  The term is indispensable as it sounds and there is a lot that you should know when dealing with any form of data. Whether you are handling data backup solutions such as mysql backup or ways through which data can impact today’s world, there is a lot to learn.  

Facts about Big Data to Keep in Mind

Big Data is a term used mainly to describe a collection of data or information that is vast in size and still growing rapidly with time. Below are 10 key facts that will help you understand big data in a more profound way. Have a look; 

1. Big Data is everywhere

Today, everything is digitalized and millions of people are connected to the internet. This means that data can be flowing into an organization from completely new places that you did not know even existed. Data is available everywhere, you just need to open eyes, find it, evaluate it and utilize it. 

2. Big Data does require vast security solutions

Regardless of the kind of data you have or expect, it is wise to have the best security measurements in place. If you deal with Big Data, you need to protect it against data theft and invest in best data security measures available.

3. There are careers related to Big Data

Big Data is available everywhere. But, who can access, analyse and use this form of data? There are vast and sophisticated careers in Big Data. You can become a data analyst, data scientist, or a data engineer among other careers. 

4. Big Data is a rapidly growing industry

The number of people, institutions and industries interested in Big Data is huge. And the general interest and access to this form of data are on the rise and unstoppable. Trends in Google search engines depict the incomparable search of the term “Big data.”  And 73% of companies in the world have already invested in Big Data. 

 5. Perceptions that Big Data is only about business are unworthy

People should shun the idea that big data is all about businesses. Big Data can be used in many other platforms to deliver desired results and in the most effective of ways.

6. Big Data could save a life

Big Data is being used in the healthcare sector to save lives, and it can save yours too. Pharmaceutical makers are using and link huge amounts of data from genomics and other exclusive researches to understand diseases and drug relations.

7. Big Data offers  impartial ways to solve crimes

Probably you have heard a case of “Justice through Big data.” Big Data can be used effectively to detect crimes, prevent crimes, predict and analyse crime patterns.  This data can be used greatly to help find justice for many people and institutions suffering in silence today and in the near future. 

8. You contribute to the growth of Big Data

Don’t be surprised. There is a lot of data generated on a daily basis via the activities you and many other people or institutions undertake. The use of the internet is incomparable and platform such as Google, Facebook and Twitter among others are a source of robust data. If you are using any of these platforms, then you are part of the “Big Data” revolution without noticing.  

9. Governments use Big Data too 

Governments and big institution have contributed greatly to the “Big Data” revolution. Even your government is a big player in the revolution. Did you know that in 2012, the US government made $200 million accessible for research and development in the vast field of big data! Governments are also opening up and sharing their data with the public to develop better applications to solve problems. 

10. Big Data varies on a daily basis and not all data are equal

You will come across many types of data. You may have heard or learned about nominal data, binomial data. Quantitative data, continuous data and qualitative data among other data forms. There are also other different and distinctive types of data that define “Big Data” and they include diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Processing big data is an important task. You need to understand what the big data revolution is all about and play your role. Big data is your future.

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