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11 Creative Trade Show Ideas That Will Attract a Crowd
Tuesday, 12 May 2020

 Trade shows benefit businesses in many ways. They attract new customers, and they can increase your brand awareness. 

 . If you’re unfamiliar with a trade show, it’s an event that brings together people in a specific industry to discuss and display the newest products within that industry. There can also be demonstrations of these products. Participating in a trade show gives your business the opportunity to review your competition, gain new high-quality leads, and network with the most important people in your industry. Here are some trade show ideas you can use to make your business stand out.

1. Assemble a pop-up tent.

Pop-up tents are one of the most common set-ups businesses use at a trade show. It’s a set-up that doesn’t take too much work to assemble, and it’s easy for you to travel with. They can attract a lot of foot traffic from curious visitors, especially on hot or windy days, when people might want to get a break from harsh conditions. Pop-up tents allow a business to provide a more intimate environment for people to connect with them. You can have these designed to be really eye-catching through bright colors and using your best logo designs. A business can also include its website domain in big, bold letters, so even if people don’t stop inside the tent, they might visit the business website later.

2. Educate your audience.

One of the main reasons why people attend a trade show is because they want to learn about the newest products in their industry. They want to know about what companies are providing the latest innovations. Your business can take advantage of this desire by educating them about everything new that your business is offering in your industry. You can teach people about how your product is providing new features and upgrades that few other companies are currently providing. Make the educational presentation informative and interesting.

3. Make a big impression.

You're going to be competing with a lot of other businesses that are trying their best to get the attention of all the visitors. It's because of this competition that you must make a big impression with your booth display by trying something unique. One example you can take inspiration from is Google. At the Consumers Electronics Show in 2018, Google used a giant gumball machine to draw the attention of visitors to their trade show booth. Your company may not be able to afford to do a display like this, but perhaps you can find another way to create something big and attention-grabbing. It could be a giant picture, a huge TV screen, or just a really large stuffed animal. At trade shows, the name of the game is attention, and big things are something that will always get people’s attention.

4. Make your booth interactive. 

Interactive booths can be a great way to attract visitors and also potentially get even more free promotion. Maybe your business can have a game people can play, or perhaps you can allow people to use your product in a fun way. You could even ask people to take pictures with your booth display and post it on social media with a #hashtag that references your business. You could offer something in return, such as a discount on one of your products on your website. If people interact with your trade show booth, it will be more likely to stand out in their minds from all the trade show booths they'll see that day.

5. Hire a pro to design for you.

While it may be tempting to make a design yourself, it’s worth the investment to go with a professional design that can really give your business the best chance to stand out. There are many companies that can design an eye-catching, branded trade show booth for you. Having a professional work on the design of your booth for you can save you time to focus on other aspects, such as how you’ll make your booth interactive or what you’ll educate your audience on.

6. Rent a lot of space.

Similar to how bigger booth displays attract more attention, taking up larger space at the trade show can do that as well. Reserving a large space for your company can give you a chance to show off more of your products, provide extra interactive features, and be able to have a larger number of people at your trade show booth. Samsung followed this exact strategy at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2018. An important thing you should keep in mind is that you have to make sure there are attractive elements in all of the space you have. Getting a larger amount of space at a trade show may be expensive, so you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck.

7. Offer some swag.

If you didn’t know this before, swag is a shorthand for the phrase “stuff we all get.” It’s free stuff that companies offer people. Giving away swag is an effective strategy that can influence people to want to buy your products in the future. It’s based on a well-known technique known as the reciprocity principle. Your business giving something with no expectation of receiving something makes people feel a desire to give something back, such as buying your products or services. Think of something either unique or useful that you can freely offer any visitors to your trade show booth. In addition to increasing the likelihood of the visitors to your booth buying something in the future, it can also increase the awareness of your brand. You can put your logo on pens, caps, bags, or t-shirts that you give away for free.

8. Have a contest.

You can attract a lot of attention to your trade show booth by holding a contest. The key is to make the contest creative and have a prize that visitors will be really interested in winning. One good example of a contest was what New Voice Media did at Dreamforce 2017. They asked their visitors to guess the length of time it would take for a block of ice surrounding an iPhone to melt. Those who correctly guessed the right time would win a brand-new phone. As you can see from this example, the contest was creative, and the prize was something people would be interested in winning. The prize that your business gets is that more people will visit your booth, and that gives you an opportunity to secure more leads.

9. Hire a musician.

When people hear music coming from somewhere, most of the time, their first reaction is to look and listen for where it's coming from. You can use this common reaction to your advantage for your trade show booth. Consider hiring a DJ or a band to play live music to help gravitate people toward your booth. The type of music that you use should be something that's light and fun. Deloitte Digital opted to hire a DJ to play ambient music for their visitors at Dreamforce 2017.

10. Add some taste to your booth.

When people are walking around all day looking at different trade show booths, they may get pretty hungry. Food can be a great way to get people to just walk over to your booth, even if they don’t initially have an interest in what your business is about. Once you have them in your area and enjoying what you’re serving for a few minutes, this can be your chance to tell them all the amazing things about the products and services you have to offer.

As a result, the person who walked over might leave more interested in your product than they were before they walked over, potentially earning your business a new customer. This strategy works particularly well for those who are in the food industry, but even if you’re not, you can still use the tactic as a way to stand out at the trade show. You might even consider having a mobile kitchen near your booth. You can find more information about mobile kitchens at thislink:

11. Have a charismatic person as your representative.

People who are good at public speaking are skilled at keeping their audience’s attention. You may not necessarily have these skills yourself, so perhaps you might hire an emcee or a professional speaker to be the host of your trade show booth. The person you hire should be someone that can be good at drawing crowds, positive in their communication to people, and knows how to be entertaining. If you don’t think you can afford a professional emcee, look within the people in your company. If you know one of your employees is a very charismatic and funny person to be around at the office, ask them to emcee your trade show booth in return for a salary bonus.

All of these ideas will help to get more attention to your booth at trade shows. Consider trying as many creative ideas as you can. The more people you can get to walk over to your trade show booth, the more chances you have to earn new customers.
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