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3 Business Tips To Help You Keep Your Clients And Customers Happy
Saturday, 28 April 2018

As a business customer retention is almost as important as your onboarding process. Unless your handling funeral homes, retaining customers should be ranked as one of your top priorities.

But let’s face it, the business world is a labyrinth of wrong turns, and difficult customers.

Which is why you need to pay attention to the procedures you have in place to ensure you leave customers smiling and satisfied after each interaction.


Put it this way, current customers have an average rate of 60-70 percent when it comes to reinvesting into a business. Whereas, new customers have an average of 5-20 percent to become a sustainable customer. See the value of prioritizing your current customers as assets yet?

Don’t worry, through this article we will go through some non-fluffy, down to the point business integrations you can implement to make sure your customers leave satisfied and return when their problems start to surface again.


So, let's get into it:

Customer Support Should Be A Priority

I know, I know – this is pretty obvious.

But the truth is customer satisfaction and customer support work in contrast. Almost 3 out of 5 Americans state that they would migrate to a different company if they could guarantee better customer service.

When it comes to your service team, the first thing you want to do is make sure they are not robotic. Customers want to feel cared for if they are facing a problem with your service/product.

Regardless of whether your customers come screaming with their figurative rifles aimed, and ready to shoot or if they are calmly asking why the heck something is not working – you want to make sure you provide customer service that exceeds their expectations.

Going the extra mile never hurts.

An easy way to work on de-escalation is to keep a happy, positive atmosphere when conversing with the client. Make sure you are clear about how you aim to solve their problems. After all, you don’t want the customer to think they are getting something free, when they are really just getting a discount.

Another important part of keeping your customers happy is to not keep them waiting. 78% of consumers run off to a different service mainly due to bad service. Which is why you want to implement a great customer support platform with next to immediate response.

Customers like knowing you care about their problems.


Customers like knowing you care about their problems.


Train Your Support Staff To Keep On Their Fluffy Clouds Even With Horrible Customers

Let’s face it. In the business world you are going to get THOSE customers. You know, the ones that seem to make the biggest deal out of problems that shouldn’t actually classify as problems.

The delivery man they booked arrived late, and damaged their product (has nothing to do with you but hey)

It happens…

Which is why you want to make sure your staff are ready to handle whatever customers throw their way. The last thing you want is a negative word of mouth, which could jeopardize local marketing strategies.

A great way to train your customers is to look into ISO 9001 certification. This is a course, which basically focuses on ensuring your customers are happy. There are a few others as well, which you can check out here.

Basically, you want to make sure you have strong leadership skills, clear communication, and a reliable system in place to control operations. All of which will make dealing with problems far more efficient, solving client’s problems before they can swing their figurative bat over your support’s head.

Remember To Always Listen To Problems Customers Are Facing

Most businesses look at unhappy customers as a failure. An abyss of poor service and lost revenue.

The truth?

Unhappy customers are actually important to leverage. After all, they have found weaknesses in the service you provide. They have received a defective product. Most importantly, they have given you the chance to make sure no other customers experience the same problems.

Having a feedback system in place is a must. Even if it means other customers see this lapse, it gives you the chance to show that the brand name cares about customer satisfaction, through taking measures to show you genuinely care about the customer.

That means when you do get negative reviews, or feedback – taking the initiative to find the problem, rectify it and go the extra mile to make sure the customer leaves satisfied, even if it means reimbursing them for a service or providing a new product to supplement the defective product they received.

Case Study To Deal With Negative Feedback

Mary received a broken product. She is rather angry as the product cost her an arm and a leg. She furiously types up an email promising to bring wrath down on the company for their terrible service.

Customer support receives the email. But instead of immediately figuring out why it’s not the companies fault. Support jumps to the gun, raises the flag, and deals with the problem. First, through sending her a polite email apologizing for the inconvenience. And promising her she will be compensated for her losses.

Next up, support goes ahead and fixes the problem to ensure no other customer experiences the same problem.

Now, not only did the company manage to retain an angry customer. But the feedback will forever be imprinted, showing the company cared enough to actually help deal with the problem, finding a solution that works for both customers.

Pretty nifty, right?

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